SPE Workshop: Applied Data Science in Unconventional Development – What’s Bringing Value and What’s Not (Yet)? 17 - 19 Jun 2020 Rancho Bernardo Inn San Diego, California, USA

This Workshop has been CANCELLED due to the challenges in the industry caused by the current restrictions on travel and public health concerns.

SPE holds numerous events around the world and we continually monitor conditions that might affect participants.

Two decades into the commercial development of unconventional resources, fundamental improvements in capital efficiency, well performance, and environmental impact are still needed to ensure the sector’s long-term viability. 

Applying data science to new and existing datasets holds great promise and has begun to find its footing in some parts of the business - but not in others. 

At this first-of-its-kind workshop, we will discuss specific examples where data science is delivering value, as well as exploring situations where it has yet to yield the aspired results. 



The workshop will bring together geoscientists, engineers, and data scientists to examine how relevant data science techniques might be adapted or further improved to deliver value more widely across the unconventional development value chain.




Business Development Managers

Asset Managers


Petroleum Engineers

Drilling and Completion Engineers

Reservoir and Production Engineers

Operations Managers, Executives

Data Managers

Data Scientists



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