SPE/AIChE Workshop: Improved Field Development Economics Enabled by Flow Assurance 3 - 4 Nov 2020 San Antonio, Texas, USA

This Workshop has been POSTPONED due to the challenges in the industry caused by the current restrictions on travel and public health concerns.

Plan to join us in 2021. Dates have not been determined at this time.


Mastering flow assurance considerations are an enabler for economic deepwater development. This is accomplished by transforming subsurface uncertainty into deterministic system design. To-date, each project is designed to eliminate risks associated with production downtime due to facility failure. 


Such a philosophy leads to time-consuming development of unique, customized solutions to each potential flow assurance concern. Today’s environment of limited capital availability and accelerated economic payout demands an approach that balances risk avoidance with remediation utilizing thermal, mechanical and chemical methods. 

This workshop will examine all aspects of deepwater project development from concept selection to project payout. Participants are expected to include subsurface and flow assurance technical experts, chemists, equipment suppliers, designers, and production operators.


The goal of the workshop is to discuss and define how to realize a step change in efficiency, cycle time, and project costs through flow assurance design and operational optimization. Example topics of discussion include reducing costs via industry standardization, distributing risks between avoidance and remediation with timely strategies and plans, subsurface uncertainty impact on design, standardization vs. customization, assumed vs. realistic constraints, continuity from design to production, and digital twins.