SPE Virtual Workshop: Managing Offshore Asset Integrity Challenges Under Current Conditions 8 - 10 Sep 2020 Virtual [MYT, UTC+8]

About the Workshop

The drivers for safe production of hydrocarbons towards and beyond asset design life can be attributed to a number of factors.  These may include, and is not limited to, exploration in adjacent areas, improved hydrocarbon recovery through enhanced recovery processes or favourable economics prevalent with lowering operating costs or favourable market conditions, all potentially elongating field life.  Each has its own unique challenges and it is pertinent that predicted operating conditions along with lessons learnt from past operations are understood when considering the longevity of field life.


Common integrity and reliability threats associated with operating mature assets include change in operating parameters versus design stage, material degradation, obsolescence of equipment and parts, accidental and extreme events and higher unplanned downtime.  Keys to mitigating and managing the aforementioned threats are the acquisition and analysis of relevant data, risk assessment, and planning and acting based on robust principles demonstrable from statutory, local and international requirements, company policies/strategies and best industry practices. Stakeholders must also pay attention to technological advancements, developments and applications that assure new challenges to integrity; deepwater and ultra-deepwater, aging assets, HPHT, flow assurance and many more; and ensure that these new challenges are mitigated.


The recent downturn in the oil and gas industry posts even greater challenges in ensuring asset integrity towards the end of field life.  These include operating and equipment strategies for production sustainment, increased scrutiny in the justification of operational expenditure, allocation of budget and resources for preventative and corrective maintenance activities. With such challenges, opportunities exist such as cross-skilling of operations and maintenance teams, revised operations and maintenance commercial models and exploitation of surplus expertise, vessels and equipment available in the market.  A prudent cost-effective approach in managing and operating mature assets based around the knowledge of threats and associated mitigations opportunities is required.

Workshop Objectives

The objective of the workshop is to highlight asset integrity challenges in the operations and maintenance of aging assets and share best practices to manage integrity effectively.  The workshop will investigate the consequences of the recent industry downturn in relation to asset integrity and the utilisation of digital platforms as an enabler to better understand asset performance and act accordingly. Topics covered will include assets such as conventional and subsea assets, floating structures, pipelines, wells, and more.

Benefits of Attending

  • Learn and share experiences about the latest developments in integrity management and life extension of aging assets
  • Seek new innovative approaches to address the challenges of mature assets
  • Gain insights from previous lessons learnt on the operations and maintenance of aging assets
  • Improve knowledge regarding integrity, fatigue and reliability programmes
  • Gain insights into emerging technologies and advancements in industrial digitalisation