SPE Virtual Workshop: Managing Offshore Asset Integrity Challenges Under Current Conditions 8 - 10 Sep 2020 Virtual [MYT, UTC+8]

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In today’s offshore and subsea asset operations, managing the integrity of new and mature assets has become a part of the day-to-day business activities for most operators. Many of these offshore fields and associated facilities are still in production despite being close to the end of their design lives and in instances, beyond; with justification for life extension demonstrated. Lessons learnt from mature assets will be valuable for future projects, which face even more challenging environments.



The workshop served as a unique platform for oil & gas upstream professionals, operators, service providers and academic associates that are interested to learn more about what the industry is doing today in the area of asset integrity. Operator and service companies are planning for tomorrow to address the challenges of maintaining asset integrity including the extension of operations beyond asset design life.

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Professionals in:
Asset Management, Integrity and Reliability | Corrosion | Facilities, Design and Engineering | Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) | Infrastructure and Structural | Pipeline | Process | Production and Operations | Project and Construction | Subsea, SURF and Deepwater | Wells | Technical



Topics will Cover the Challenges and Technological Advancement in Offshore Asset integrity in the Current Environment

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