SPE Workshop: Managed Pressure Drilling – Collaboration Towards Excellent Applications and Solutions 13 - 14 Jan 2020 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


This workshop is an exclusive platform for industry practitioners to share their latest experiences in Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) and to learn from each other on improving all aspects of MPD; from initial contracting, equipment standards, supply issues, technology developments, and operational and staffing challenges in a recovering oil market. The workshop aims not only to address the common issues affecting operators, drilling contractors, and service providers, but also to identify and discuss the differing challenges each group may be currently facing.





The workshop is aimed at operators who are drilling or planning to drill MPD wells, service companies who provide MPD service offerings, and drilling contractors whose rigs may be expected to be ‘MPD capable’ prior to or during contract initiation. At the same time, the workshop may enable host drilling authorities to gain a better understanding of the MPD challenges and opportunities provided by today’s technology offerings. In addition, for subsurface specialists, this workshop will provide an opportunity to discuss concerns and challenges in regards to data acquisition in narrow margin wells or wells suffering total losses, to gain better definition and understanding of such reservoirs.



Professionals in:
Deepwater Drilling Drilling and Completions | Drilling Contractors | Drilling Fluids and Cementing | Drilling Optimisation | Field Development | High Pressure High Temperature Drilling | Narrow Margin Drilling | Petrophysics | Reservoir Engineering | Service Providers | Subsurface



Exchange of recent global best practices

Collaborative environment between industry participants

Gain insights from presentations and discussions

Networking opportunities with regional and global industry experts