SPE Workshop: Petroleum Economics – Solution Provider to Game Changer 12 - 13 Oct 2020 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


The fourth SPE Petroleum Economics workshop in Asia Pacific is a unique platform for knowledge sharing in the area of petroleum economics and investment analysis. The workshop provides opportunities for speakers to discuss current topics, share experiences based on the latest case studies, gain insights into best practices, and participate in informal debates amongst industry professionals. In addition, the workshop will is an excellent occasion for participants to network with fellow peers and exchange ideas on recent industry trends and global geopolitical challenges.

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This workshop is the platform for discussion and sharing of ideas for a wide range of industry professionals, including practitioners of economics, corporate business planning, decision-making, regulation, legal, geosciences, engineering, and external consulting.

It will address existing and emerging practices on valuation techniques and approaches used in the petroleum economic assessment process, while making an investment opportunity and decisions viable and sustainable during a period of low oil price.




  • Share and discuss a series of key emerging issues, challenges, approaches and techniques to the treatment of petroleum economics
  • ​Collaborative environment between industry participants
  • ​Gain insights from presentations and discussions
  • ​Networking opportunities with regional and global industry experts


Professionals in: 

Asset Management

Business Analytics

Corporate Planning



Petroleum Economics

Portfolio Management

Production and Operations

Project Management


Subsurface Engineering

Surface Engineering