SPE/EAGE Virtual Workshop: Advances in Reservoir Characterisation and Modelling 6 - 8 Oct 2020 Virtual Workshop [MYT, UTC+8]

With the advancement of sciences and technology in digital computing, reservoir characterisation and modelling has gone beyond what the petroleum industry initially imagined.  With the increasing challenges faced by the industry today such as oil price volatility and increasing cost of field development, technologies to support projects are continually being refined and updated to ensure more robust, faster, and better-engineered solutions.


Advances in these areas allow for better characterisation and modelling of the geology, complex fluid and rock interactions, including managing reservoirs with numerous development and management challenges. As a result, reservoir performance and prediction can be better understood before further decision-making.


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Professionals in:


Asset Management

Basin Study


Earth Modelling (Static & Dynamic)

Field Development



Laboratory and Testing

Petroleum Economics


Production Engineering & Technology

Research and Development

Reservoir Engineering

Reservoir Management

Well Completions


DISCUSS the latest development and current challenges in reservoir characterisation and modelling to attain more robust, faster, and better engineered solutions.

​UNCOVER new frontiers in reservoir characterisation critical for a successful exploration.

SHARE experiences, ideas, and innovative technologies in all aspects of reservoir characterisation and modelling.

NETWORK with peers and experts in the field.

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