SPE Virtual Workshop: Asia Pacific Digital Week – Digital and Data Driven Oilfields 24 - 26 Nov 2020 Virtual Workshop [MYT; UTC+8]

About the Workshop

Programme Description

The world is declaring digitalisation is the future and the possibilities are endless, the ever-changing situation has become the “new normal” and has given rise to ground-breaking solutions. Businesses have seized upon current events to increase the usage of remote working and various digital platforms, accelerating the impact of digitalisation. As companies are driven to evolve, they are confronted with opportunities and risks. What further challenges does the industry need to realise and overcome in this transition? This is crucial in enabling successful deployment and application of digital technologies, including digitalisation’s impact on global stage in terms of sustainability and helping to reduce of our carbon footprint.

The energy sector has been playing an integral role in fuelling the needs of the global market and with the implementation of digitalisation and going virtual, the industry is incorporating innovation in new and transformational ways, companies not only see its importance but its necessity to keep the industry moving.

SPE Virtual Workshop: Asia Pacific Digital Week 2020 will take a deep dive into the industry’s digital journey and discuss what are the next steps in embracing this historical shift.

Programme Objectives 

It will explore how digital technology solutions such as  cloud/GPU high-performance computing, machine learning, data science, augmented reality, blockchain, robotic and automation, and the industrial IoT, are being used both within the industry and in other relevant businesses to optimise performance and collaboration.

Benefits of Attending

The SPE Virtual Workshop: Asia Pacific Digital Week will feature sessions focusing on:

Cyber Security


Big/Smart Data

Data Science and Analytics Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Cloud Computing

Internet of Oilfield Things (IoT)

Remote Accessibility


Industry 4.0

Data processing and Interpretation

Drilling Automation

Field Develop Acceleration