SPE Virtual Workshop: Asia Pacific Digital Week – Digital and Data Driven Oilfields 24 - 26 Nov 2020 Virtual Workshop [MYT; UTC+8]


While the world is accepting the “new normal”, SPE Virtual Workshop: Asia Pacific Digital Week will take a deep dive into the industry’s digital journey and discuss what are the next steps in embracing this historical shift. To remain competitive, companies are adapting and transforming their tried and true models to take advantage of the current paradigm shift to implement modern solutions and accelerate the impact of going digital.  



This workshop aims to gather professionals from across the value chain to discuss, share findings and review case studies on their digital implementation, from development to delivery.


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The annual SPE Virtual Workshop: Asia Pacific Digital Week will once again bring together experts from across the region sharing insights and knowledge on the digital future of the oil and gas industry. 




Upstream E&P professionals involved in the following areas:

Cyber Security


Big/Smart Data

Data Science and Analytics

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Cloud Computing

Internet of Oilfield Things (IoT)

Remote Accessibility


Industry 4.0

Data Processing and Interpretation

Drilling Automation

Field Develop Acceleration







Dr John Markus Lervik
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer





IMPROVE decision-making across oil and gas exploration, and production through data science and analytics

EXPLORE the latest data science driven technologies 

NETWORK with peers and experts in the field 

SHARE thoughts, examples and experiences in wide-ranging subjects related to data analytics

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