SPE Virtual Western Regional Meeting 20 - 22 Apr 2021 Virtual Conference [PDT; UTC-7]


Tuesday, April 20

08:00 - 09:45
Panel Session: Industry Panel - Energy for Innovation

Tom Blasingame
, Texas A&M University, 2021 SPE President


  • Aimee Blaine, Senior VP, Technical, AERA             
  • Shawn Kerns, Executive Vice Presient Operations and Engineering, California Resources Corporation (CRC)              
  • William Lacobie, Vice President of San Joaquin Valley Business Unit, Chevron Corp (CVX)              
  • Kurt Neher, Executive Vice President - Business Development, Berry Corporation

10:00 - 12:05
01  Case Studies #1 PheedLoop
Session Chairpersons Jalal S. Torabzadeh - California State University
Time Paper # Presentation
1000-1025 Engineering the Future of Petroleum Engineering and Geoscience Graduates I. Ershaghi, D.L. Paul, University of Southern California
1025-1050 200771 Management & Information Future Need Of Petroleum Engineering M.M. Kamal, Genestar
1050-1115 Stimulation of Wells Damaged by Barite Present in Filter Cake or Scale I. Ivanishin, H.A. Nasr-El-Din, Texas A&M University; D. Solnyshkin, A. Klyubin, Burisma Group
1115-1140 200823 Completions Effect Of Cryogenic Treatment (thermal Shock) Onrock Dynamic Elastic Properties And Permeability Of Wolfcamp Core Samples - An Experimental Study M. Ramezanian, H. Emadi, Texas Tech University
1140-1205 200887 Completions Unique Fall off Signatures for Stage Fracture Characterization, Actual Field Cases A.F. Ibrahim, M.H. Ibrahim, M.J. Sinkey, T. Johnston, W. Johnson, Shear Frac Group LLC
10:00 - 12:05
02  Unconventionals #1 PheedLoop
Session Chairpersons Anthony Robert Kovscek - Stanford University
Time Paper # Presentation
1000-1025 Multiscale Imaging of Core Flooding Experiments during Transport of Reactive Fluids in Fractured Unconventional Shales A. GUNDOGAR, Stanford University; SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory; C.M. Ross, Stanford University; Q. Li, Stanford University; SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory; A.D. Jew, J.R. Bargar, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory; A.R. Kovscek, Stanford University
1025-1050 200875 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Effects Of Imbibition During Well Shut-in On Ultimate Shale Oil Recovery: A Numerical Study N. Wijaya, J.J. Sheng, Texas Tech University
1050-1115 200868 Production & Operations Experimental Investigation Of Heavy Oil Emulsion Stability: The Effect Of Various Physicochemical Parameters H. Chang, N. Saravanan, Y. Cheng, Y. Zhang, A.Y. Dandekar, University of Alaska Fairbanks; S.L. Patil, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals
1115-1140 200877 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Evaluation Of Hydraulic Fracturing Treatment With Microseismic Data Analysis In A Marcellus Shale Horizontal Well M. El Sgher, K. Aminian, S. Ameri, West Virginia University
1140-1205 200501 Effective-Stress Coefficients of Porous Rocks Involving Shocks and Loading/Unloading Hysteresi F. Civan, University of Southern California
10:00 - 12:05
03  New Technologies PheedLoop
Session Chairpersons Joseph McFarland Eller - Holmes Western Oil Corp, Mohammad Javaheri - Chevron Corporation
Time Paper # Presentation
1000-1025 200839 Projects, Facilities & Construction Lost Hills Solar Pv Project: Powering An Oil And Gas Field With California Sunshine T. Demayo, N. Herbert, D. Hernandez, J. Hendricks, Chevron Corporation; B. Velasquez, D. Cappello, I. Creelman, SunPower Corporation
1025-1050 200837 Completions The First Application of a Novel Reservoir Simulation Technology Comprising Radial Drilling and Hydraulic Fracturing in the Niobrara Shale D.I. Potapenko, Schlumberger; T.B. Hart, Fremont Petroleum Corporation; P. Kibsgaard, G.A. Waters, R.E. Lewis, R.J. Utter, J.E. Brown, S. Ayala, Schlumberger; G.T. Goudy, Fremont Petroleum Corporation; H.H. Jelsma, Radial Drilling Services
1050-1115 200836 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Application Of Slurry Injection Technology In Biowaste Management - A New Discipline In Managing Bio-waste In Economic And Environmentally Friendly Manner Y.J. Panchal, N. Mounir, M. Loloi, I.M. Mohamed, O.A. Abou-Sayed, A.S. Abou-Sayed, Advantek Waste Management Services LLC
1115-1140 200811 Drilling Hydration Products and Mechanical Properties Investigations of Nanofiber Additives In Cement Wellbore Environments P.D. McElroy, H. Emadi, M.C. Watson, L. Heinze, Texas Tech University
1140-1205 200880 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Can We Generate Stable Pickering Emulsions Activating Naturally Occurring Nanoparticles In The Reservoir For Cost Effective Heavy-oil Recovery? Z. WANG, T. Babadagli, N. MAEDA, University of Alberta
12:00 - 13:30
13:30 - 17:00
04  Heavy Oil PheedLoop
Session Chairpersons Abhijit Yeshwant Dandekar - University of Alaska - Fairbanks, Mason M Medizade - California Polytechnic State University
Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1355 205369 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Comparing Steam Flood Analytical And Simulation Models ~ Strengths And Limitations T.J. Hampton, M. El-Mandouh, S. Weber, Consultant; T. Thaker, K. Patel, B. Macaul, J. Erdle, Computer Modelling Group
1355-1420 200867 Reservoir Description & Dynamics An Experimental Study Of Steam-assisted Gravity Drainage Using A Large-scale Physical Model K. Sheng, R. Okuno, The University of Texas At Austin; M. Imran, Saskatchewan Research Council; T. Yamada, Japan Canada Oil Sands Ltd.
1420-1445 200850 Management & Information Revolutionary Products And Materials From Heavy Oil That Producers, Investors, Consumers And Regulators Should Know About R. Elias, Santa Maria Energy, LLC; M.M. Medizade, S. Zhang, California Polytechnic State University; S.R. Elias, Agency 2.0
1445-1510 200853 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Predicting Heavy Oil Combustion Kinetics with Machine Learning T.I. Anderson, Y. Li, A.R. Kovscek, Stanford University
1545-1610 200776 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Tailor-made Workflow To Understand and Forecast H2S Production Risks In Thermal Projects S.V. Ayache, J. Gasser-Dorado, P. Michel, C. Preux, V. Lamoureux-Var, IFP Energies nouvelles
1610-1635 200874 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Ignition Forecast Based On Chemical Kinetics and Uncertainty Quantification Y. Li, T. Anderson, A.R. Kovscek, Stanford University
1635-1700 200857 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Novel Hybrid Solvent-based Complex Fluid For Enhanced Heavy Oil Recovery A. Telmadarreie, C. Johnsen, S.L. Bryant, University of Calgary
13:30 - 17:00
05  Unconventionals #2 PheedLoop
Session Chairpersons Birendra Jha - University of Southern California, Michael Scott Harr - Chevron ETC
Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1355 200879 Management & Information A Stochastic Method In Investigating Basin-wide Underlying Distribution Functions of Decline Rate Behavior For Unconventional Resources C. Ashayeri, D.L. Paul, University of Southern California
1355-1420 200788 Reservoir Description & Dynamics An Integrated Multi-Disciplinary Modeling and Simulation Approach to History Matching and Forecasting Shale Wells - An Eagle Ford Case Study U. Aslam, R.M. Bordas, Emerson Automation Solutions
1420-1445 200773 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Will Carbon Dioxide Injection In Shale Reservoirs Produce From The Shale Matrix, Natural Fractures, Or Hydraulic Fractures? S.M. Fakher, Missouri University of Science & Tech; Y. Elgahawy, University of Calgary; H. Abdelaal, University of Lisbon; A.H. Imqam, Missouri University of Science & Tech
1445-1510 200805 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Practical Gas Apparent Permeability Model: Multi-scale Simulations Of Rarefied Gas Flow In Matrix D. Chai, X. Li, University of Kansas
1545-1610 200767 An Alternative Parameterization of Relative Permeability and Capillary Pressure Curves F. Civan, University of Southern California
1610-1635 200813 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Ultra-low IFT or Wettability Alteration: What Is More Important For Tight Carbonate Recovery Z. Zhang, M. Azad, J.J. Trivedi, University of Alberta
1635-1700 200873 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Improved Fluids Characterization Model during Gas Huff-n-puff EOR Processes in Unconventional Reservoirs G. Yang, X. Li, University of Kansas
13:30 - 17:00
06  Digital Oilfield PheedLoop
Session Chairpersons Andrei Sergiu Popa - Chevron Corporation, John K Stevenson - Chevron Corporation
Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1355 200764 Management & Information Privacy-focused Blockchain Solution for Production Royalty Management V. Lakhanpal, Well Engineering Research Center for Intelligent Automation, University of Houston; R. Samuel, Halliburton
1355-1420 200858 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Security Implications Of IIoT Architectures For Oil & Gas Operations B. Hou, D.L. Paul, University of Southern California
1420-1445 200884 Production & Operations Surrogate-Based Prediction and Optimization of Multilateral ICV Flow Performance in a Real Field M.J. Aljubran, R.N. Horne, Stanford University
1445-1510 200781 Management & Information Data Science Use Case For Brownfield Optimization - A Case Study
M.K. Lal, T.H. Kim, D.M. Singleton, Chevron North America E&P
1545-1610 200779 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Prediction of Equivalent Liquid Permeability from Gas Permeability Measurements: A Recurrent Neural Network Approach H.H. Alkinani, A.T. Al-Hameedi, S. Dunn-Norman, Missouri University of Science and Technology
1610-1635 200846 Management & Information Novel Application To Recognize A Breakdown Pressure Event On Time Series Frac Data Vs. An Artificial Intelligence Approach A.J. Ramirez, J.G. Iriarte Lopez, WellData Labs
15:10 - 15:45

Wednesday, April 21

08:00 - 09:45
Panel Session: CO2 Sequesteration and EOR


  • Omar Hayat, Operations Manager, California Resources Corporation (CRC)
  • Scott Sindelar, Reservoir Evaluation Manager, California Resources Corporation (CRC)            


  • Steve Bohlen, Energy and Homland Security Program Director, Global Security Directorate, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL)
  • Jeff Brown, Principal, Brown Brothers Engergy and Environment, LLC                
  • Ken Haney, EOR and Carbon Capture and Storage Manager, Califronia Resources Corporation (CRC)                
09:45 - 10:00
10:00 - 12:00
07  Water Management and Reuse PheedLoop
Session Chairpersons Thomas Joe Hampton - Thomas N Berry & Company, Emad Walid Al-Shalabi - Khalifa University of Science and Technology
Time Paper # Presentation
1000-1025 200780 Production & Operations A Comparative Produced Water Management Decision-making Workflow: MSEEL Case Study C. Dickerson, M. Mirabolghasemi, Mississippi State University
1025-1050 200878 Reservoir Description & Dynamics The behavior of Unconsolidated Rocks in California Waterfloods under High-Pressure Gradients Y. Li, I. Ershaghi, University of Southern California
1050-1115 205400 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility NORM Scale Removal Using A High-Power Fiber Laser Beam Delivery J.B. Lewis, A. Dassey, Chevron Technical Center; D. Grubb, S. Marshall, FORO Energy, Inc.
1115-1140 200804 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Zeta Potentiometric Study On Effects Of Ionic Composition And Rock-saturation On Surface-charge Interactions In Low-salinity Water Flooding For Carbonate Formation P.H. Gopani, N. Singh, H.K. Sarma, University of Calgary; D.S. Negi, P.S. Mattey, Oil & Natural Gas Corp. Ltd.
1140-1200 200809 Production & Operations Creating Value for The High-Saline Bakken Produced Water by Optimizing its Viscoelastic Properties and Proppant Carrying Tendency with High-Viscosity Friction Reducers O.S. Tomomewo, M.D. Mann, A.M. ELLAFI, H. Jabbari, C. Tang, University of North Dakota; M. Ba Geri, Missouri University of Science & Tech; O. Kolawole, I. Ispas, Texas Tech University; C. Onwumelu, M. Alamooti, University of North Dakota
10:00 - 12:00
08  Reservoir Modeling PheedLoop
Session Chairpersons Iraj Ershaghi - University of Southern California, Donald Lee Paul
Time Paper # Presentation
1000-1025 200794 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Reduced-order Modeling in a General Reservoir Simulation Setting H. Tang, O. Volkov, H.A. Tchelepi, L.J. Durlofsky, Stanford University
1025-1050 200775 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Unconventional Optimized Development Strategy Workflow S. Morsy, M. Menconi, Chevron; B. Liang, Chevron N America Upstream
1050-1115 200801 Completions Numerical Investigation of Proppant Transport and Placement along Opened Bedding Interfaces J. Xie, Petrochina Southwest Oil and Gas Field Company; J. Tang, S. Sun, Harvard University; Y. Li, Northeast Petroleum University; Y. Song, H. Huang, Petrochina Southwest Oil and Gas Field Company; H. Pei, Harvard University; F. Zhang, Tongji University
1115-1140 200840 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Modeling of Injection-induced Particle Movement Leading to The Development of Thief Zones Q. Qi, I. Ershaghi, University of Southern California
1140-1200 200765 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Surface Expressions: Gamma Ray Observation of Shallow Air-Sands Enables Early-detection and Monitoring of Fluid Breakthrough T.P. O'Sullivan, Vapor Condensation Technologies LLC; T.L. Skinner, ThomTec LLC; J. Wright, Berry Corporation
10:00 - 12:00
09  Reservoir Characterization #1 PheedLoop
Session Chairpersons Samiha Morsy - Consultant, James Schloss - E&B Natural Resources Management Corp
Time Paper # Presentation
1000-1025 200772 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Fast History Matching and Optimization Using a Novel Physics-based Data-driven Model: an Application to a Diatomite Reservoir Z. Wang, J. He, Chevron ETC; W.J. Milliken, Chevron Corporation; X. Wen, Chevron ETC
1025-1050 200882 Completions State of The Art in Characterization of Frac Stage Geometry and Conductivity Using Pressure Leakoff M.I. Mohamed, E. Ozkan, Colorado School of Mines
1050-1115 200810 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Data Integration Process From Oil Characterization And PvT Modeling To Reservoir Simulation For The East Cat Canyon Heavy Oil Field In California G.J. Moog, T. O’Sullivan, Aera Energy LLC; O. Castellanos Diaz, M. Verlaan, Shell
1115-1140 200827 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Experimental Study And Numerical Modeling Of Seawater Breakthrough Using Inherent Boron As Tracer Y. Wang, X. Li, J. Lu, University of Tulsa
1140-1200 200789 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Numerical Evaluation of the Impact of Steam Quality on Steam Flood Performance in a Kuwait Heavy Oil Reservoir Y. Alali, A.A. Al-Rabah, Kuwait Oil Company; M. Verlaan, Shell
12:00 - 13:30
13:30 - 17:00
10  Case Histories #2 PheedLoop
Session Chairpersons Orkhan Hamid Pashayev - California Resources Corporation, Abdulmohsin Hussain Imqam - Missouri University of Science & Tech
Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1355 200814 Reservoir Description & Dynamics First Ever Polymer Flood Field Pilot To Enhance The Recovery Of Heavy Oils On Alaska’S North Slope - Pushing Ahead One Year Later A.Y. Dandekar, University of Alaska - Fairbanks; B. Bai, Missouri University of Science & Tech; J.A. Barnes, Hilcorp Alaska LLC; D.P. Cercone, J. Ciferno, NETL; R. Edwards, Hilcorp Alaska LLC; S.X. Ning, Reservoir Experts LLC; W. Schulpen, Hilcorp Alaska LLC; R.S. Seright, New Mexico Inst-Mining & Tech; B. Sheets, University of Alaska Fairbanks; D. Wang, University of North Dakota; Y. Zhang, University of Alaska - Fairbanks
1355-1420 200831 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Systematic Design Approach For Bulk Gel Treatments Based On Average Gel Volume-concentration Ratio M. Aldhaheri, Missan Oil Company; M. Wei, B. Bai, Missouri University of Science and Technology
1420-1445 200803 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Successful In The Lab, Not As Effective In The Field? Uncertainties In The Field Observations Of Low Salinity Water Flooding In Sandstone And Carbonate Reservoirs- A Critical Analysis N. Singh, H.K. Sarma, University of Calgary
1445-1510 200822 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Nanoparticles Screening Criteria For Wettability Alteration In Carbonate Reservoirs X. DENG, M.S. Kamal, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals; S. Patil, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Saudi Arabia; M.S. Hussain, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals
13:30 - 17:00
11  EOR PheedLoop
Session Chairpersons C . Lwanga Yonke - Aera Energy LLC, Alvaro Rey - Chevron North America E&P
Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1355 200843 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Experimental Investigation Of Hybrid Techniques for Enhancing Alaska North Slope Viscous Oil Recovery Y. Cheng, University of Alaska Fairbanks; Y. Zhang, A.Y. Dandekar, University of Alaska - Fairbanks
1355-1420 200841 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Tertiary Recovery Improvement of Steam Injection Using Chemical Additives: Pore Scale Understanding of Challenges And Solutions through Visual Experiments R.A. Pratama, T. Babadagli, University of Alberta
1420-1445 200883 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Adsorption Of Anionic Surfactants In Sandstones: Impact Of Sacrificial Agents G.B. Koparal, University of Texas at Austin; H. Sharma, The University of Texas at Austin; P.J. Liyanage, University of Texas at Austin; K.K. Panthi, K.K. Mohanty, The University of Texas At Austin
1545-1610 200784 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Chemical EOR In Low Permeability Sandstone Reservoirs: Impact Of Clay Content On The Transport Of Polymer And Surfactant I. Guetni, C. Marliere, D. Rousseau, IFP Energies nouvelles
1610-1635 200856 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Synergistic Surfactant Blends For Wettability Alteration In Wolfcamp And Eagle Ford Shale For Improved Oil Recovery R. Singh, J. Miller, Oil & Gas Innovation Center, Pilot Chemical Company
1635-1700 200770 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Carbon Dots Stabilized Foam For Enhanced Oil Recovery S. Sakthivel, M. Kanj, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals
13:30 - 17:00
12  Reservoir Characterization #2 PheedLoop
Session Chairpersons Suzanne Griston-Castrup - Integrated Sciences Group, Jalal S. Torabzadeh - California State University
Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1355 200864 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Presentation Of Oil And Gas Spatio-temporal Big Data Visualization Techniques As Tools To Aid In Spatio-temporal Models M.E. Wigwe, M.C. Watson, Texas Tech University
1355-1420 200790 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Errors Associated With The Application Of The G-function Plot For Analyzing Fall-off Tests In Water Injection Wells J. Wu, I. Ershhaghi, University of Southern California
1420-1445 200799 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Stratigraphic Measures Of Reservoir Connectivity And Heterogeneity In Heavy Oil Fields S.D. Connell, Chevron North America E&P; F.J. Laugier, Chevron Energy Technology Company
1445-1510 200824 Reservoir Description & Dynamics What Are The Dominant Flow Regimes During Carbon Dioxide Propagation In Shale Reservoirs’ Matrix, Natural Fractures And Hydraulic Fractures? S.M. Fakher, Missouri University of Science & Tech; Y. Elgahawy, University of Calgary; H. Abdelaal, University of Lisbon; A. Imqam, Missouri University of Science and Technology
1545-1610 Transient Diagnosis of Fines Migration Integrating Core Testing and Numerical Reservoir Modeling Y. Pan, T.S. Manley, Y. Li, O.A. Karazincir, F. Descant, Chevron ETC
1610-1635 200812 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Parameters Estimation For Chemical Flooding Modeling Using Ensemble-based Method X. Wang, University of Alaska Fairbanks; Y. Zhang, A.Y. Dandekar, University of Alaska - Fairbanks; Y. Wang, China University of Petroleum East China
1635-1700 200829 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Geochemical Modeling On Effect Of Active Species, Ca2+, Mg2+and SO2-4On The Carbonate Rock Surface, In Connection To Wettability Alteration Of The Rock M.I. Mohamed, V. Alvarado, University of Wyoming
15:10 - 15:45

Thursday, April 22

08:00 - 12:00
13  Facilities and Drilling PheedLoop
Session Chairpersons Fnu Suleen - Chevron Corporation, C. Lwanga Yonke - Aera Energy LLC
Time Paper # Presentation
0800-0825 200792 Drilling Lessons Learned And Case Studies Of Overcoming Sustained Casing Pressure In Extended-reach Wells. S. Nafikova, Y. Ramazanova, A. Muslimov, I. Akhmetzianov, B. Jain, Schlumberger; A. Kim, V. Zvyagin, LUKOIL-Nizhnevolzhskneft
0825-0850 200844 Drilling Minimizing Lost Circulation Non-productive Time Using Expected Monetary Value And Decision Tree Analysis H.H. Alkinani, A.T. Al-Hameedi, S. Dunn-Norman, Missouri University of Science and Technology
0850-0915 200871 Drilling The Essence of Horizontal Drilling Challenges in Depleted Reservoirs R. Elgaddafi, University of Oklahoma; V. Soriano, GMP, Peru; R.M. Ahmed, University of Oklahoma; S. Osisanya, Khalifa University of Science and Technology
0915-0940 200830 Completions Hybrid Sand Control Screen Using The Combined Surface And Depth Filtration S. Hosseini, M. Roostaei, RGL Reservoir Management Inc; F. Mohammadtabar, M. Mohammadtabar, M. Soroush, K. Berner, RGl Reservoir Management Inc.; M. Mahmoudi, RGL Reservoir Management Inc; R. Miller, Pacific Perforating Inc; V. Fattahpour, RGL Reservoir Management Inc
1000-1025 200825 Production & Operations Failure Prediction For Sucker Rod Pumps Using Analytic Solutions V. Sirghii, R.K. Fruhwirth, H.M. Hofstaetter, Montanuniversitaet Leoben; R. Pongratz, M. Nirtl, OMV Exploration & Production GmbH
1025-1050 200842 Production & Operations Modeling and Simulation of Asphaltene Inhibition and Remediation Using Aromatic Solvents A. Abouie, K. Sepehrnoori, The University of Texas At Austin
1050-1115 200849 Completions Flow Control Devices In Steam Assisted Thermal Applications: A Way To Optimize Both Steam Injection And Fluids Production D. Zhu, RGL Reservoir Management Inc.; A.A. Uzcategui Cortes, RGL Reservoir Management Inc
08:00 - 12:00
14  Surveillance PheedLoop
Session Chairpersons Valentin N. Ispas - Affirma Consulting LLC, Lichi Deng - Quantum Reservoir Impact LLC
Time Paper # Presentation
0800-0825 200806 Production & Operations An Industry Overview Of Downhole Monitoring Using Distributed Temperature Sensing: Fundamentals And Two Decades Deployment In Oil And Gas Industries. M. Soroush, M. Mohammadtabar, RGL Reservoir Management; M. Roostaei, RGL Reservoir Management Inc; S. Hosseini, University of Alberta; M. Mahmoudi, RGL Reservoir Management Inc; D. Keough, Precise Downhole Services Ltd; L. Cheng, K. Moez, University of Alberta; V. Fattahpour, RGL Reservoir Management Inc
0825-0850 200826 Production & Operations Recent Advances in Downhole Fiber-Optics Modeling & Analytics: Case Studies D. Bale, R.P. Satti, R. Failla, J. Harper, J.S. Raggio, Baker Hughes
0850-0915 200786 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Flow Profiling Using Fiber Optics In A Horizontal Steam Injector With Liner-deployed Flow Control Devices M. Javaheri, Chevron Corporation; M. Tran, University of Southern California; R.S. Buell, Chevron; T.L. Gorham, Chevron ETC; J.C. Sims, Chevron Corporation; S. Rivas, Chevron; J.D. Munoz, Chevron Corporation
0915-0940 200797 Production & Operations Comprehensive Analysis of Water Cut Metering Accuracies S. Castrup, Integrated Sciences Group
1000-1025 200807 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Closing the Loop on a History Match for a Permian EOR Field Using Relative Permeability Data Uncertainty U. Aslam, Emerson Automation Solutions; J.E. Burgos, C. Williams, S. McCloskey, J. Cooper, M. Mirzaei, E.E. Briz Quintero, Occidental Oil and Gas
1025-1050 200863 Reservoir Description & Dynamics The State of the Art in Monitoring and Surveillance Technologies For IOR, EOR and CCUS Projects A.S. Al-Qasim, Saudi Aramco PE&D; S.L. Kokal, Saudi Aramco; M.S. Ghamdi, Saudi Aramco D&WO
1050-1115 200774 Completions Application Of LC-MS and Methyl Orange Methods for Improved Residual Surfactant Detection in Liquids-Rich Shale Plays K. He, J. Heckel, V. Hernandez, D. Nguyen, ChampionX
1115-1140 200886 Drilling A Practical Study Of The Influence Of Drill Solids On The Corrosion Of Downhole Tubulars When Using Brine Based Drilling Fluids. G. Heath, T. Okesanya, Newpark Drilling Fluids; S. Levey, Pragmatic Chemicals
08:00 - 11:40
15  Artificial Intelligence PheedLoop
Session Chairpersons Guillaume Joseph Moog - Sentinel Peak Resources, Cedric Fraces - Tenokonda
Time Paper # Presentation
0800-0825 200766 Management & Information Generating Missing Oilfield Data Using A Generative Adversarial Imputation Network (GAIN) J. Andrews, S.B. Gorell, Texas Tech University
0825-0850 200881 Drilling Fast Drilling Optimizer For Drilling Automation J. Giftson Joy, University of Southern California; R. Samuel, Halliburton
0850-0915 200862 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Machine Learning Assisted Closed-Loop Reservoir Management Using Echo State Network L. Deng, Texas A&M University, now with Quantum Reservoir Impact LLC; Y. Pan, Texas A&M University, now with PetroChina Exploration & Production Company
0915-0940 200782 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Advanced Machine Learning Methods For Prediction Of Fracture Closure Pressure M.I. Mohamed, D. Mehta, E. Ozkan, Colorado School of Mines
1000-1025 200854 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Incorporating Economic Decisions into Reservoir Simulation To Support Accurate and Efficient Optimization and Uncertainty Analysis of Field Development Strategies J. Browning, Texas Tech Universtiy; S. Gorell, Texas Tech University
1025-1050 200876 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Multivariate Modeling of Terminal Decline Rate In Parent And Child Wells In Unconventional Reservoirs A. Sharma, B. Guttery, Enverus
1050-1115 200835 Management & Information Data-driven Characterization of Shale Reservoirs towards Facilitation of Production Performance Evaluation S. Salahshoor, Gas Technology Institute
1115-1140 200870 Drilling Deep Learning For Downhole Data Prediction: A Cost-Effective Data Telemetry Through Data Analytics B. Thakur, R. Samuel, University of Houston
09:40 - 10:00