DELFI Hackathon (Organised By IATMI)

Monday, 11 October 2021 | 10.00 AM | Virtual, Zoom and Youtube

DELFI Data Science Hackathon 2021 is a competition organised by Schlumberger Indonesia in collaboration with IATMI. It is held to accelerate digital transformation of the energy sector in Indonesia by opening limitless innovation through artificial intelligence from a collaboration between industry professionals with students/fresh graduates.

With the ease-of-use and democratisation of AI in the DELFI Data Science profile, domain experts can explore their creative thinking to solve relevant problems in their organisations effectively and efficiently, such as automate various manual tasks, provide an advisory system for complex workflows, monitor and optimise operation, detect anomalies, also quickly identify ranked scenarios to come up with the most appropriate decisions.

Every team of the DELFI Data Science Hackathon’s participants consists of four people with one professional as the team leader and three students/fresh graduates as the programmers. The proposed cases are open for geoscience, geomechanics & drilling, reservoir engineering, and production engineering.

There are three stages in the competition: proposal stage in late June, prototype stage in August, and pitching stage in October, with judges from Schlumberger HQ, SKK Migas, and IATMI industry professionals.