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Tuesday, October 05

10:00 - 10:30
Opening Ceremony
Speaker(s) Kamel Ben-Naceur, 2022 SPE President; Yashar Latifov , SOCAR; Gary Jones, BP; Regis Agut, TotalEnergies Azerbaijan
10:30 - 12:00
Opening Keynote Panel Session: Maximising Efficiencies in Today's Evolving Landscape
Moderator(s) Elchin Bagirov, SOCAR; Tore M Løseth, Equinor
Speaker(s) Vusal Shafiyev, BP; Terje Dahl, Equinor; Maria Yunda, Schlumberger; Luis Quintero, Halliburton



12:00 - 12:30
Sponsored session: Energy management - Equinor experience
Session Chairpersons Knut Simon Helland, Equinor
12:30 - 14:00
01 Management, HSE and Projects - (Live Q & A will follow each presentation)
Session Chairpersons Matteo Ce, Equinor; Aytan Zeynalli, SOCAR AQS

This session will provide advice on how to address business continuity during a pandemic, including aspects related to HSE. In addition to this we will also see a separate example on how to track productivity in a specific project phase.

1230 SPE-207050

COVID-19 Health Management and Business Continuity

S Amin Zada, SOCAR AQS

1300 SPE-207051

Response, Retune, Revive: The Duty of Producing Never Cease in Pandemic

Z Wang, H Jobarah, Z Kaaki, Saudi Aramco

1330 SPE-207055   

The UNFC Concept and the Possibility of its Application in Azerbaijan

N Garayeva, G Zeynalov, E Ahmadov, Baku Higher Oil School; A Hajiyev, F Rahimov, Oil and Gas Scientific Research Project Institute, SOCAR; A Aslanova, Baku Higher Oil School  


12:30 - 14:00
02 Production and Operations - (Live Q & A will follow each presentation)
Session Chairpersons Bagilya Karsybayeva, North Caspian Operating Company; Khusain Oryngaliev, TCO

Production and operations activities are the core of the oil and gas business, therefore, there is a continuous process of searching for more economical and efficient field development. This session will cover a wide range of topics starting from well surveillance with a new generation of array passive acoustic technology, a real case of application of new tracers for water injection and thermal EOR.

1230 SPE-207058

Diagnostic Results of Current Distribution Injected Water Flow the in the Productive Formation for "Neft Dashlary" Oilfield

K M Ibragimov, N I Huseinova, A A Gadzhiev, OilGasScientificResearchProject"Institute, SOCAR

1300 SPE-207059

Designing the Thermal Enhanced Oil Recovery as a Key Technology of High Viscosity Oil Production

M S Shaken, B Y Zhiyengaliyev, A S Mardanov, Atyrau Branch of “KMG Engineering” LLP; A S Dauletov, “Embamunaigas” JSC

1330 SPE-207060

Holistic Approach in Integrating Passive Acoustic Logs with Static and Dynamic Data Improved Wells Integrity Understanding at Field Scale

F Atakishiyev, R Ramazanov, F Allan, A Zett, BP


14:20 - 15:50
03 Drilling and Completions I - (Live Q & A will follow each presentation)
Session Chairpersons Sabina Gulamaliyeva, Halliburton Sperry Drilling; Reza Majidi, BP

This session covers variety of challenges of drilling and completion of wells in Caspian basin and other regions, including well construction in complex environment such as narrow pressure margins and severely depleted formations with main focus on performance improvement.

1420 SPE-207010

Continuous Improvement in Well Delivery

E Ismayilov, F Jabbarov, A Cherukuri, SOCAR AQS

1450 SPE-207007

Mitigating Well Construction Challenges of a Caspian Deepwater Exploratory Well: A Cementing Perspective

I Kurawle, Schlumberger; A Dieker, A Soltero, BP; S Nafikova, Schlumberger

1520 SPE-207009

The implementation of Laser Shaft Alignment System on Rotating Machines in the Bulla Field, Platform 6

R Bayramov, E Asgarov, SOCAR-AQS


14:20 - 15:50
04 Field Development - (Live Q & A will follow each presentation)
Session Chairpersons Shahriyar Alkhasli, Khazar University; Mikhail Varfolomeev, Kazan Federal University
1420 SPE- 207024

Propagation of Nano Sized CDG Deep Into Porous Media

E F Veliyev, A A Aliyev, OilGasScientificResearchProject"Institute, SOCAR

1450 SPE- 207025

Waterflood Analysis in Compartmentalised Reservoir Using Multiwell Retrospective Testing and Tracers

B Shilanbayev, B Balimbayev, "JV "Kazgermunai" LLP; A Aslanyan, Nafta College LLC; R Farakhova, L Zinurov, D Gulyaev, V Krichevsky, Sofoil LLC

1510 SPE- 207029

Integration of Thermodynamics in Ensemble Modeling for Gas Development Project

R Mollayev, A Aliyev, BP


15:50 - 17:20
Management, HSE and Projects - Knowledge Sharing Posters (available to watch on-demand)



Emerging Patterns of Learning in Oil and Gas Industry

F Hajiaghabayli, E Babayeva, M Haydarov, SOCAR-AQS


To Increase the Efficiency of Low Pressure Gas Transportation in the Gunashli Energy Sector

MaM E Shahlarli, SOCAR,”OilGasScientificResearchProject” Institite


Transition to New Reserves Reporting System in Kazakhstan: Challenges and Benefits

A Mukanov, PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources JSC; A Zhumadil, KazPetrolGroup LLP 

15:50 - 17:20
Production and Operations - Knowledge Sharing Posters (available to watch on-demand)

Application of Hybrid Biosystems for Stimulation of Oil Production

B A Suleimanov, S J Rzayeva, OilGasScientificResearchProject"Institute, SOCAR; U T Akhmedova, SOCAR Downstream Management LLC


Concentric Coiled Tubing, Proven Sand Cleanout Technology for Sub-hydrostatic Wells in Caspian Sea

E Hasanov, H Mammadov, P Correa, Baker Hughes


Non-stationary Flooding Based on Application of a Thermoactive Polymer Composition at Offshore Fields

B A Suleimanov, OilGasScientificResearchProject"Institute, SOCAR; Y A Latifov, SOCAR; K M Ibragimov, OilGasScientificResearchProject"Institute, SOCAR


The Use of Tracer Based Dynamic Production Profiling in Estimating Hydrocarbon Recovery in Directional Wells

A Moroz, P Myakishev, TPP Langepasneftegaz Lukoil – West Siberia LLC; N Titovsky, A Buyanov, O Gorbokonenko, GeoSplit LLC, Pavel Myakishev, Lukoil Western Siberia LLC, Langepasneftegaz






15:50 - 17:20
Drilling and Completions I - Knowledge Sharing Posters (available to watch on-demand)



Healthy Caspian Experience Helps Boost Drilling Performance in Turkey's Onshore UGS Project

E Akbarli, R Mammadbayli, SOCAR AQS

15:50 - 17:20
Field Development - Knowledge Sharing Posters (available to watch on-demand)


SPE- 207027

How to Find the Reservoir Boundaries? Integrated Application of Seismic Attribute Analysis and Welltest on the Miocene Sediments of White Tiger Field, Cuu Long Basin, Vietnam

V Kurbanov, A Chvertkov, E Panarina, VNIINeft JSC

SPE- 207028

Sweep Improvement Options for Highly Heterogeneous Reservoirs with High Temperature and Ultra-high Salinity: A Case study in Tarim Basin, China

C Yuan, W Pu, M A Varfolomeev; Kazan Federal University/Southwest Petroleum University; A Z Mustafin, Kazan Federal University; T Tan, Research Institute of Engineering Technology, Northwest Oilfield Company, Sinopec; A Zhao, Kazan Federal University/Southwest Petroleum University; R Liu, Research Institute of Engineering Technology, Northwest Oilfield Company, Sinopec  


Wednesday, October 06

09:25 - 09:40
Awards Ceremony
Moderator(s) Ignatiy Volnov, LUKOIL
09:40 - 11:15
Keynote Panel Session: Unlocking Value Through New Technology and Digitalisation
Moderator(s) Regis Agut, TOTAL; Nusret Aliyev, SOCAR
Speaker(s) ​Stig Åtland, Equinor; Joanna Mainguy, Microsoft; Steve Haden, Halliburton; Philippe Branjonneau, JOCAP; Andrey Filev, Schlumberger
11:15 - 11:45
Digital twin, past to future - transformative technology to drive change
Session Chairpersons John Cumming, Worley; Nick McDonald, Worley
11:45 - 13:15
05 Drilling and Completions II - (Live Q & A will follow each presentation)
Session Chairpersons Emmanuel Ellenberg, Schlumberger; Teyrun Gahramanov, Halliburton

This session covers a wide spectrum of industry challenges all related to well integrity. The subjects that will be discussed range from the recent enhanced ultrasonic technology used to improve cement sheath evaluation, to CO2 injection wells consideration, through novel fluid design utilized for mud-removal spacer while cementing.

1145 SPE-207012

Case Study in Well integrity Assurance with Enhanced Ultrasonic Technology for Highly Attenuative Environment

B Mandal, X Wu, S Huseynov, A Adedamola, T Huanga, T Mirzayeva, Halliburton; F Rahimov, O Novruzaliyeva Umid Babek Operating Company

1215 SPE-207013

Mud-Removal Efficiency Boost by Engineered Scrubbing Spacer in Cementing Operations at Caspian Sea

A Bugrayev, Schlumberger; R K Singh, Dragon Oil; S Nafikova, I Akhmetzianov, G Gurbanov, G Rovshenov, Schlumberger; M A Mehtar, Dragon Oil

1245 SPE-207016

Heavy Weight Cement System for Corrosive Environment: Preventing Strength Retrogression and H2S Corrosion           

Y Ramazanova, I Akhmetzianov, V Sukhachev, A Sozonov, S Nafikova, S Yuldashev, B Jain, Schlumberger; V Zvyagin, A Kim, D Khamidullin, Lukoil


11:45 - 13:15
06 Geoscience I - (Live Q & A will follow each presentation)
Session Chairpersons Amanbay Chalak, TCO; Marat Nauryzgaliyev, Almex Plus

Despite the global rhetoric to abandon investments into new exploration projects, the world demand in fossil fuels is forecasted to remain high for several decades to come while we transition into alternative clean energy sources. To make new discoveries, current times require sophisticated techniques such as basin modeling, integrating regional geological knowledge and data. This session will exhibit studies in Azerbaijan & Kazakhstan sedimentary basins that will shed light on untapped potential of these regions. 

1145 SPE-207036

Petroleum Systems Modeling and Hydrocarbon Migration and Oil Potential Assessment, of the Southern Side of Pre-Caspian Basin, Kazakhstan

D Urmanova, non-profit joint-stock company KazNRTU named after K.I.Satpayev

1215 SPE-207037

Application of Biomarkers and Oil Fingerprinting for Genetic Classification of Oil Families and Prediction of Petroleum Migration Pathways of Aryskum Downfold of South-Torgay Depression

Y S Seitkhaziyev, R N Uteyev, N D Sarsenbekov, Atyrau branch of “KMG Engineering”

1245 SPE-207038

Prospect Evaluation Based on Integrated Petroleum System Analysis: Block E Case Study, South-Eastern Edge of Precaspian Basin (Kazakhstan)

A Zhanserkeyeva, Satbayev University; A Kassenov, 5A OIL


13:15 - 13:45
Sponsored Session: Maximising Efficiencies through Integration (Halliburton)
Speaker(s) Rune Hobberstad, Halliburton; José Inciarte, Halliburton

This Sponsored Session will cover a case study in Norway in which AkerBP & Halliburton have successfully delivered added value and efficiencies through proper integration of operations. It will cover:

  • Organisation 
  • Early planning of projects
  • Rig operational performance 
  • Development and implementations of new digital solutions and technologies
14:15 - 15:45
07 Geoscience II - (Live Q & A will follow each presentation)
Session Chairpersons Assem Bibolova, TCO; Joanna McKidd, BP

During the exploration, development and production phases, interpretation of subsurface data is very important for analysis of petroleum systems, characterization of reservoirs and assessment of subsurface uncertainties. This session will focus on integrated evaluation of various subsurface data to enhance understanding of hydrocarbon reservoirs, optimize field development and maximize recovery.

1415 SPE-207043

The State of Stress in Azeri-Chirag-Gunashli Anticline Structure, South Caspian, Azerbaijan

R Majidi, A Abbasov, E M Aliyev, F Akhundova, J Mckidd, BP

1445 SPE-207044

Organic Geochemical Characteristics of Rock Samples from Primorsk-Emba Region, Precaspian Basin, Kazakhstan

T Jarassova, Satbayev University; M Altunsoy, Akdeniz University

1515 SPE-207045

The Influence of Lithofacies Features of a Deposit on the Efficiency of Reserves Recovery

S K Sultanov, D Y Chudinova, A V Chibisov, E M Makhnitkin, L R Kharisova, D S Urakov, R R Aktuganov, Ufa State Petroleum Technological University



14:15 - 15:45
08 Data Science - (Live Q & A will follow each presentation)
Session Chairpersons Akgun Kilic, Total; Izat Shahsenov, Khazar University

The 'real-time pandemic' related challenges and threats to the oil and gas industry highlighted one more time the importance of communication, digitalisation, data management, machine learning and remote automated digital rooms for the drilling and field operations. Digital solutions and data science are getting more crucial to optimize the interfaces between machines and different disciplines with potentially providing more space for improvement and invention initiatives. This session aims to help enlighten the dimmed and uncovered digital, data, and real-time solutions in your respective areas while potentially providing quick gains for your daily business decisions.

1415 SPE-207000

Real-time Prediction for Sonic Slowness Logs from Surface Drilling Data Using Machine Learning Techniques

V Suleymanov, H Gamal, G Glatz, S Elkatatny, A Abdulraheem, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals

1445 SPE-207001

Use of Machine Learning Methods for Gas Export Volume Predictions     

A Ibragimov, KMG-Karachaganak

1515 SPE-207002

Expand Excellence: Business Intelligence Tools for Drilling Data Analysis as Enhanced Efficiency Approach

F Rakhmangulov, A Garipov, Halliburton; M Chertenkov, Lukoil Uzbekistan Operating Company



17:45 - 18:30
Drilling and Completions II - Knowledge Sharing Posters (available to watch on-demand)



Assurance of Long-term Well Integrity in Highly Corrosive Downhole Environment

M A Khattak, A A Afrianto, B Jain, Schlumberger; S Rashdi, W Khalifa, A Ferras, H Balushi, A I Kendi, R Obaidani, Petroleum Development Oman


Mitigating Lost Circulation Across Permeable Formations of the Gunashli Field in the Caspian Sea with a New Tailored Spacer System

T Farrow, N Gadimov, Halliburton Eurasia Limited;  K Agapiou, Halliburton Energy Services; M Safarov, SOCAR AQS LLC



17:45 - 18:30
Geoscience I - Knowledge Sharing Posters (available to watch on-demand)



Tectonic Criteria of Oil and GAS Potential at the Transitional Part of the "Susha-sea" Along the Western Coast of the South Caspian Depression

B Aslanov, N Jabizade, 'OilGasScientificResearchProjects' Institute, SOCAR; A Khuduzadeh, Azneft PU, SOCAR; F Aslanzade, French-Azerbaijani University


Hydrocarbon Generative Properties and Maturity of Cretaceous and Eocene Sediments in the Middle Kura Depression, Azerbaijan

S K Akhundov, M F Tagiyev, A I Khuduzade, N N Aliyev, SOCAR


New Structural-Tectonic Model for an Old Field in the Greater Caucasus

T A Yurkina, G R Gataulin, Baker Hughes



17:45 - 18:30
Geoscience II - Knowledge Sharing Posters (available to watch on-demand)

Geoscience II - Posters (available on-demand)


Seismic Facies Analysis of Lower Productive Series of Gurgan-Deniz Field in South Caspian Basin with the Aid of Seismic Attributes

U Zamanbayov, SOCAR


Influence of Secondary Alterations on the Structure of the Pore Space of the Upper Permian Carbonate Deposits of the Northern Side Zone of the Caspian Basin

A R Ayupov, S F Khafizov, K O Iskaziev, Gubkin University

17:45 - 18:30
Data Science - Knowledge Sharing Posters (available to watch on-demand)

Data Science Posters (available on-demand)



Well Performance Monitoring Using Management by Exception Rules and Alerts

M Nadirov, R Sadyrbakiyev, A Skopich, Tengizchevroil LLP


The Use of Neural Network Technologies in Prediction the Reservoir Properties of Unconsolidated Reservoir Rocks of Shallow Bitumen Deposits

M F Validov, D K Nurgaliev, V A Sudakov, T A Murtazin, K A Golod, A R Galimova, R R Shamsiev, Kazan Federal University; A A Lutfullin, M I Amerhanov, N  Aslyamov, PJSC «Tatneft»



Thursday, October 07

09:30 - 11:00
Keynote Panel Session: Attracting and retaining talent in a challenging market
Moderator(s) Elizaveta Bydanova, UFAZ (French-Azerbaijani University); Elnara Babayeva, SOCAR AQS
Speaker(s) Elnara Mammadova, BP; Muzzamil Khider Ahmed, Baker Hughes; Veronika Bubenok, Baker Hughes; Peter Holding, Total Energies; Elizaveta Bydanova, UFAZ - French-Azerbaijani University; Elnur Huseynov, SOCAR
11:30 - 13:00
09 Reservoir Simulation - (Live Q & A will follow each presentation)
Session Chairpersons Samat Kabdenov, TCO; Daud Machukaev, Roxar

This session will focus on new and existing workflows and methodologies to enhance reservoir understanding, improve decision making, and optimise field development. Case studies will be presented covering a range of approaches and applications applied in the Caspian region leading to improved reservoir characterisation and performance prediction, efficient integration of the multiple reservoir models for combined field development, and timely and informed investment decisions supported by systematic approach for risk framing and assessment.

1130 SPE-207071

Uncertainty and Risk Assessment Using Ensemble Modeling for Major Development Decision

M Asgarov, O Arslan, F Salim-Zade, A Aliyev, T Abdullayev, F Sadikhov, BP

1200 SPE-207072

Understanding Gas Breakthrough in Karachaganak Gas Condensate Field

A Ibragimov, A Kan, KMG-Karachaganak

1230 SPE-207076

A Tool and Mathematical Model for Estimation of Wells Initial Water-cut and Residual Oil Reserves on Large-sized Oil Fields

V Berezkin, Gazpromneft-Polytech; A Sharifov, Gazprom Neft Science and Technology Center; E Khatmullina, Gazpromneft-Digital Solutions; E Yudin, I Khatmullin, Gazprom Neft Science and Technology Center



11:30 - 13:00
10 Drilling and Completions III - (Live Q & A will follow each presentation)
Session Chairpersons Reza Majidi, BP; Mohammad Zainul Abdeen, BP

This session covers a wide range of topics varying from zonal isolation, coiled tubing for hydraulic fracturing, the application of robotic for horizontal wells, ERD drilling and wellbore strengthening.

1130 SPE-207018

New Horizons of Well Bonding: Cement Expansion in Absence of Water Access

E Bakhareva, V Sukhachev, A Sozonov, A Zinovyeva, O Olennikova, I Akhmetzianov, Schlumberger

1200 SPE-207019

Optimized Coiled Tubing Approach in Offshore Multi-Stage Hydraulic Fracturing Project

K.Rahimov, P.Correa, R.Sharipov BH

1230 SPE-207023

A Fast Method of Selecting Offshore Oil Well Candidates for Multi Zone Cased Hole Frac Pack or Open Hole Completions for CNPC-Dagang Zhaodong Mature Oilfield: Case Study

H Wang, C Chi, Z Wang, Dagang Zhaodong Oil Company of PetroChina; S Zhou, X Ma, Z Wang, W Zhang, Halliburton Energy Services (China) Ltd.


14:00 - 15:30
11 Reservoir Monitoring - (Live Q & A will follow each presentation)
Session Chairpersons Artem Galimzyanov, RESMAN; Sevinj Gasimova, SOCAR AQS

Efficient reservoir surveillance is key in taking important reservoir management decisions. The monitoring is carried out by data collection and analysis of the different parameters of well production and formation in order to identify and rectify deviations and also optimise the reservoir performance. This session will focus on how different monitoring techniques can be used to improve reservoir characterisation and will include case studies that demonstrate how reservoir information translates into better management of oil and gas fields.

1400 SPE-207065

Offshore Caspian Sea Exploration Well Monitoring Using Inflow Tracer Technology

A Galimzyanov, RESMAN; O Heydarov, B Jafarov, R Mirzayev, K Kamalov, A Kilic, JOCAP

1430 SPE-207066

Nano Composite Polymer Composition for Water Shutoff Treatment at High Formation Temperature

A B Suleymanov, Umid-Babek OC; A D Shovgenov, Halliburton International  GmBH

1500 SPE-207067

Vertical Fracture Monitoring by Multi-Rate Through-Barrier Diagnostics

D Yeleussinov, A Assangaliyev, A Ospanova, Total E&P Dunga; V Nagimov, E Kirpichikova, A Makashev, TGT Diagnostics 



14:00 - 15:30
12 Formation and Evaluation - (Live Q & A will follow each presentation)
Session Chairpersons Joanna McKidd, BP; Elshan Rzayev, BP

Formation evaluation is a key element in successful well delivery. This session will look into a variety of data acquisition tools which allow assessment of the uncertainties associated with the subsurface. The presentations will focus on the use of new and existing technology which underpin formation evaluation through a range of measurements and analytical models.

1400 SPE-207030

A Workflow to Derive Rock Mechanics Correlations and Stress Profile by the Integration of Dynamic and Static Formation Evaluation Data

A Qatari, Saudi Aramco

1430 SPE-207031

Exploration and Formation Testing of Low Permeability Clastic Reservoir in Hot Slim-diameter Open-hole Well

V Blinov, Schlumberger; E Koshevaya, KazAzot; S Ramatullayev, A Filimonov, K Shteynbrenner, M Zhabagenov, Schlumberger

1500 SPE-207035

Combined Application of Deep Boundary Detection Tool, Multilayer Data Inversion and 3D Visualization of Seismic Data in Real-Time for Geosteering on a Field in the Russian Federation

C Oshakbayev, R Romanov, V Oshakbayev, S Austin, Baker Hughes; S Kovalev, R Platonov, Neftisa; A Osipov, CanBaykal



15:30 - 17:30
Reservoir Simulation - Knowledge Sharing Posters (available to watch on-demand)



A New Simulation Layer Optimization and Permeability Upscaling Method for Preserving Critical Reservoir Heterogeneity

D Li, C Ionescu, B Muftakhidinov, B Haynes Jr, B Yergaliyeva, North Caspian Operating Company


15:30 - 17:30
Reservoir Monitoring - Knowledge Sharing Posters (available on-demand)



Application of Autonomous Inflow Control Valve (AICV) in Increasing The Field Recovery in One of The Matured Fields in Oman: Case Study

S Buwauqi, A Al Jumah, A Shabibi, Petroleum Development Oman; T Kalyani, A Fahmy, I Mohd Ismail, Inflowcontrol AS


Field-Proven Well Surveillance Techniques Designed for an Early Well Scaling Diagnosis and Timely Well Performance Reinstatement: Case Studies from the Kashagan Field

A Kauzhanova, L Te, NCOC N.V.; J Reedy, ExxonMobil (previously with NCOC N.V.); T I Ehighebolo, M B Heinerth, Y Khaidarov, NCOC N.V. 



15:30 - 17:30
Formation and Evaluation - Knowledge Sharing Posters (available to watch on-demand)



Expanding the Capabilities of Modern Wireline Formation Testers for Understanding the Structure of Tight and Fractured Suprasalt Carbonate Field in West Kazakhstan

V Blinov, Schlumberger; J Shutang, CNPC-Aktobemunaigaz; S Ramatullayev, A Filimonov, M Zhabagenov, K Shteynbrenner, G Fu, Schlumberger


Combining Usage of Different Geosteering Methods and Vendor Independent Bed Boundary Mapping in Complex Geological Environment on a Real-life Example from West Kazakhstan

Y M Mukanov, I V Chzhen, Embamunaigas JSC; A R Tagirov, Y Z Kurmanbayev, SBP KazMunayGas-Burenie LLP; N S Zaripov, G K Utegulov, Zhigermunaiservice LLP; D V Skorokhodov, Rogii Caspian LLP; Y Shafikova, N Belousova, Rogii Europe LLC

Thursday, May 26

07:50 - 08:30