Eastern Europe and the Black Sea region has a wealth of resources at its fingertips, and the oil and gas sector has been a strong contributor to the region’s economy for decades. However, an ever-changing international landscape means the industry must invest today in the innovation that will allow it not just to remain competitive, but actually grow and become self-sufficient.

The global and local economies are changing and at an ever-faster pace. We now live in a globally connected and networked marketplace and technological innovation continuously opens new opportunities and ways for delivering and experiencing goods and services, including energy. Global commitments to reducing carbon emissions are driving investment in new technologies, modernisation of existing assets and making alternative energy sources more economic.

A collaborative approach across research, education, government, business and investor communities to build a stronger future for the sector is essential.

The mission of an Energy company is to contribute to energy security, that is, to make available at an affordable price, the energy needed by an increasing population.  This objective shall be handled in a sustainable way, driving modernisation and providing the responsible energy mix that an ever-expanding energy market requires.