About this Summit

When unexpected casing deformations occur, access to some or all of the wellbore may be impacted leading to a potential reduction in production recovery, production rate and ultimately the value of the asset. Casing deformations in Unconventionals also represent an industry-wide issue, which is best addressed through an industry-wide effort rather than left to individual operators. Two well-attended, open, Panel Sessions (URTeC 2019 and HFTC 2020), have been held by SPE on the topic of casing deformations in Unconventionals; however, there has not been a non‑competitive forum to provide a suitable opportunity for sharing information and addressing the issues.

About the SPE Technology Summit Program

An SPE Summit is a one- to three-day, invitation-only event with specific, pre-defined objectives. It is intended to result in a deliverable that benefits the industry and may lead to further initiatives. Summits are a fast-track response to emerging issues, problems, technologies, or strategies of broad significance to the industry. The event is guided by a Steering Committee, which selects participants on the basis of their expertise and knowledge of the topic. Written records of the discussions and conclusions are published.