SPE Summit: Casing Deformation During Fracturing of Unconventional Wells 4 - 5 Feb 2021 The Woodlands, Texas, USA

This Summit has been rescheduled to 4 - 5 February 2021 due to the challenges in the industry caused by the current restrictions on travel and public health concerns.

We are working closely with our stakeholders and will further notify on updates through emails and this website. SPE holds numerous events around the world and we continually monitor conditions that might affect participants.


Casing deformation in multi-stage, fractured horizontal wells (MFHW), often during the early stages of completion, stimulation or production, is occurring in 5% to over 10% of wells in some areas of Unconventional developments. Deformation may take the form of ovalization, that interferes with plug setting in fracturing operations, or may present itself in other forms that range from buckling to complete collapse or parting of the casing. Over a dozen causes for this phenomenon have been identified, ranging from geologic to mechanical, and some deformations have multiple suspected causes. 


Application Deadline is 12 November 2020.

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The purpose of this Summit is to present and discuss case histories of deformations with the intent of improving the understanding of causes, prevention and remediation.




This invitational event is intended for drilling, completions, production and well integrity engineers and geoscientists who are prepared to share case histories, root cause analyses and lessons learned about completions-induced and early-well-life casing deformations. It is intended that the outcome of the summit will be to identify common causes, be they engineering, operational or geophysical in nature, and to form working groups that fully characterize the issues, and/or follow up with a Workshop to focus on these threads after the Summit. 

The Summit will be invitational (attendee applications reviewed prior to acceptance), 1 to 2 days in length, and with only one session/stream running.