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Digital transformation is a journey that is perceived to be rewarding yet challenging. Industries understand that transformation requires new approaches to complement conventional methods. With the inception of the IR 4.0, technologies and environments swiftly evolved and transformed among which is the artificial intelligence (AI) that witnessed a rapid progression with great impact. AI exists at various maturity levels; nonetheless, it has already changed human lives. While most companies succeed in applying AI technologies, several companies stumble trying to leverage its value.



This symposium created a platform to discuss the various capabilities and potential applications of AI as one of the main enablers for digital transformation. The diverse programme brought the voice of industry leaders who contributed to the evolution and deployment of AI technologies in various sectors. 

It also created a venue for professionals to network and exchange success stories and challenges through practical case studies.



Kamel Ben-Naceur
2022 SPE President
Nomadia Energy Consulting

Nabil Al-Nuaim
Vice President
Digital Transformation
Saudi Aramco



“Our industry is well established with data infrastructure containing over 100 years of information. The power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) unleashes unlimited opportunities for harnessing knowledge, driving decision-making, and revealing unexploited resources. Ultimately allowing us to view our operations and data through a far advanced set of eyes that well revolutionise our understanding of engineering. This symposium aims to support our industry to get ahead of the curve and reap the benefits of applying AI. It will provide a platform to exchange our experiences in the pursuit of finding answers, overcoming impediments and apply the best practices to advance and enhance our operational performance and remain on the frontier of the incredibly fast-paced progress of AI.”

Abdulaziz Al Sufayan
Symposium Chairperson
Assistant to Vice President Petroleum Engineering & Development
Saudi Aramco

"Now more than ever, digital transformation has become a primary aim to remodel an effective and efficient new norm of operations. Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays an important role in such transformation. AI Initiatives help the oil and gas industry achieve cost savings and improve revenue streams by predicting and shaping future outcomes; allowing people to realize higher-value from their work; automating decisions, processes, and experiences; and re-imagining new business models.”

Noha Najem
Symposium Co-Chairperson
Team Leader, Technical Systems
Kuwait Oil Company



Who Should Attend?

Digital Transformation Analysts

Reservoir Engineers

Simulation Engineers

Petroleum Engineering System Analysts

Production Engineers

Intelligent Fields Leaders

IT Personnel

Drilling Engineers


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AI in Energy: Resiliency and Efficiency Gains

Streamed live on 27 July 2020

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