SPE Virtual Symposium: Reservoir Management and Water Flood Excellence - Present and Future 12 - 14 Jan 2021 Virtual [GST, UTC+4]

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Water flooding is by far the most Improved Oil Recovery (IOR) technique utilised by the vast majority of reservoirs around. Management of water both in the reservoir and on the surface is critical to improving reservoir sweep, production and recovery that in turn deliver the greatest value and performance.  

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This symposium offered a unique opportunity for participants to promote knowledge sharing and technology transfer with the aim of delivering world-class performance in water flooding given its criticality as an IOR method. Technical experts from major NOC, IOC and service providers shared their recent experiences and provided solutions to on-going challenges in this field.


Abdulla Bakheet Al Katheeri
Symposium Chairperson
Vice President, Offshore Development Division


"This Symposium offers a unique opportunity for participants and technical experts from major NOCs, IOCs and service providers to share their knowledge, technologies and best practices in various reservoir management topics and most importantly the major IOR technique, water flooding. Water management has become more crucial than ever due to reservoirs’ maturity and the need to improve the reservoir performance and reduce the cost. I am looking forward to your attendance and contribution at this first and intended regular event in Abu Dhabi”.



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Asset Operations and Management

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