*This is a preliminary program. Please note that the Programme Committee can slightly change timing for efficient work

Wednesday, June 09

09:00 - 12:30
Modern core and fluid analysis – basis for petrophysical modeling
          Time           Presentation

Oil saturation index in hydrophobic carbonate reservoir: evaluation aspects

Regina Khanbikova, V. Bazarevskaya, O. Sotnikov, TatNIPIneft


Pre-Jurassic formation lithological composition and reservoir characteristic variation analysis.  Core and field tests analysis in Frolovsky and Shaimsky petroliferous regions.

Irina Zadorozhnaya, LUKOIL-Engineering,


Residual water and oil saturation of Bazhenov formation cores.

Anton Glotov, TomskNIPIneft


X-ray phase analysis of complex mineral composition rocks.

Vil Sitdikov, E. Kolbasenko, A. Nikolaev, A. Makatrov, A. Malinin, RN-BashNIPIneft


Nonuniformity and multiscale wettability of Vendian-Cambrian carbonate deposits in Eastern Siberia.

Dmitry Ezersky, A. Denisenko, Schlumberger


Interstitial water in Bazhenov formation: integrated study

E. Kazak, Moscow State University, A. Kazak, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology


ePoster. Coreflood Model Calibration for Alkali Surfactant Polymer Process from A High Salinity Reservoir to Design an ASP Pilot.

Marisely Urdaneta


ePoster. An optimized experimental investigation of foam-assisted N2 huff-n-puff enhanced oil recovery in fractured shale.

Xiaofei Xiong, J. Sheng, China University of Petroleum


13:30 - 17:50
New methods and second life of Well Logging
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Prerequisites for the results complexation of dielectric logging and the NMR method to the saturating fluid type evaluation while wells survey.

Vladislav Murzakaev, N. Belousova, TNG-Group, V. Skirda , Kazan Federal University, Ya. Fattakhov , FRC KazSC RAS


Evaluation of net thicknesses and reservoir properties in the Turonian gas deposit of the Kharampurskoye.

S. Klimov, A. Urazaeva, A. Kazakova, A.Yantudin, A.Akinshin A.V., TNNC


Terrigenous reservoirs of complex structure in Western Siberia: substantiation of estimated parameters based on core and logging data.

Oleg Kuzmichev, RN-BashNIPIneft


Total Recall - quantitative interpretation of neutron-neutron method data by thermal neutrons in carbonate subsurface with anomalously mineralized reservoir waters.

Dmitry Ezersky, Schlumberger


Informativity increase of petrophysical modeling for West Siberian basin deep reservoirs based on different cement types in the reservoir pore space (the J1 formation case).

S. Mikhailov, A. Shtyrlyaeva, I. Borisova, Gazpromneft STC


Oil saturation evaluation under undescriptive resistance methods.

Daria Piskun , L. Polyakova, A. Didenko (Abukarova), СGG


Viscous oil at Srednebotuobinskoye field: the problem and solutions for exploration and development.

Maria Mosheva, TNNC


ePoster. Logging while drilling - effective time management and a reliable foundation for reservoir parameters evaluation.

Anton Novikov, D. Gubinsky, TNNC


ePoster. Strata correlation improvement by  lithological composition of the M-II-4 horizon field A.

Ruslan Abuev, KMG Engineering, G. Akhmetzhanova , KazNITU, K. Giesemann, Kazgermunai


Thursday, June 10

09:00 - 12:30
Applied petrhophysics – from seismic to hydraulic fracturing
Speaker(s) Evgeny Karpekin

New opportunities of FWAL - seismoacoustic sounding by reflected waves BARS: theory and case studies for fracture and reservoir structure characterization

Time Presentation

Results of petroelastic modeling of Bazhenov formation deposits.

Daria Ignatova, Gazpromneft-Technological Partnerships


Petrophysical support of 4D seismic monitoring at offshore Sakhalin-2 project fields.

Anton Beresnev, Sakhalin Energy


Old Rocks – New Approach. Geomechanical Analysis of Ediacaran Carbonates (Oman), A Case Study.

Vivek Swami, A. Didenko, S. Kay, CGG, O. Mamari, K. Rahbi, Y.  Sinawi CCED


Petroelastic modeling in fields of complex lithological structure: case study

A. Spirina, KogalymNIPIneft, E. Cherepanov, Tyumen Industrial University


ePoster. Strength certificate based on geomechanical studies:West Siberian fields case studies. Applied methods.

A. Kunakasov, E. Kharkov, R. Chigirev, KogalymNIPIneft


12:30 - 16:00
Petrophysics of the future – from automation to digitalization
Time Pesentation

Processing of thin sections photographs with neural networks and computer vision.

S. Polushkin, Salym Petroleum Development, Ya. Volokitin, Shell, S. Budenny, O. Lokhanova, Ya.Murzaev, S. Pastushkov, MIPT Engineering Center


Machine Learning Methods application to automate well logging data interpretation.

A. Akinshin, M. Dmitrievsky, Yu. Kantemirov, I. Oshnyakov, M. Koshelev, I. Makhmutov, TNNC


ePoster. Field Applications of Flow-back Profiling using Distributed Temperature Data

Yilin Mao, C. Godefroy, M. Gysen, Interpretive Software Products


ePoster. The use of quantum dot inflow tracers in complex multi-well reservoir production surveillance and inter-well interference diagnostics.

M. Dulkarnaev, Povkhneftegaz, E. Malyavko, E. Semenova, О. Gorbokonenko, GeoSplit, Yu.Kotenev, Sh. Sultanov, A.Chibisov , D. Chudinova   USPTU


Automatization of well data preparation in development drilling.

Victor Potysiev, Equinor


Neural network modeling as a tool for predicting facies to refine the structure of productive layers.

Ksenia Belova, TNNC


Complex of geophysical methods for reservoir management at Sakhalin-2 project offshore fields: efficiency under constrains.

Alexey Ponomarev, Sakhalin Energy