Welcome Message

Dear Colleague,

On behalf of the programme committee, I would like to invite you to the first SPE Virtual Symposium: Petrophysics XXI: Core, Well Logging, and Well Testing. We have been meeting regularly at SPE Workshops on Petrophysics XXI since 2010, and now we have realised that it has evolved into the new format.

Why a symposium? This format gives us flexibility to discuss major issues with key experts during live sessions. A symposium allows speakers to publish technical papers in the largest E&P electronic library, OnePetro®, which is optional if a company would prefer not to share sensitive data.

Designing the symposium agenda, we interpret petrophysics in a wide sense of well logging, mud logging station data, core data from porosity and permeability to effective permeability and geomechanical studies results, and well logging.

During this symposium, we will focus on emerging and pressing topics, including:

  • Hard-to-recover reserves
  • Data we receive from modern hardware systems both from well and core
  • Work automation
  • Digital technologies and how they help to produce new findings and conclusions

Taking into account the ever growing proportion of horizontal drilling, we will also discuss what petrophysics can do in that case.

I am looking forward to seeing you at the SPE Virtual Symposium: Petrophysics XXI. Core, Well Logging, and Well Testing!

Vladislav Yatsenko
Programme Committee Chair