About the Symposium

Deepwater exploration and production presents a host of challenges. Major findings through case studies and technological advancements are guiding businesses in areas of operational decision making, cost optimisation, risk management, and improving safety and efficiency. Through this process, a closer partnership and collaboration between operators and services companies have produced environmentally friendly innovations. These significant reforms have reenergised interest in deepwater development, to unlock ultra-deepwater potentials and enable new projects in high-cost oil producing regions.

Although deepwater and ultra-deepwater exploration remains a new frontier in the Asia Pacific region, they present huge resource potentials and prospects as there are established deepwater development and operation projects and successful case studies. The SPE Virtual Symposium: Deepwater – Raising Potential through Innovation will discuss these operational excellence best practices and lessons learnt on how to sustain the production and operation of not just mature deepwater fields, but also marginal fields.