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Tuesday, August 24

13:00 - 13:30
Opening and Keynote Session

Welcome Remarks:

Mohamad Abu Bakar
Symposium Co-Chair
General Manager
Resource Development and Management Malaysia Petroleum Management PETRONAS

Daniel Abbott
Symposium Co-Chair
Development Manager
Sabah Deepwater Assets
Sabah Shell Petroleum Company

Keynote Address:

Adif Zulkifli
Executive Vice President and CEO

13:30 - 14:30
Executive Plenary Session: Deepwater – Raising Potential Through Innovation


Mohamad Abu Bakar
Symposium Co-Chair
General Manager
Resource Development and Management Malaysia Petroleum Management PETRONAS

Daniel Abbott
Symposium Co-Chair
Development Manager
Sabah Deepwater Assets
Sabah Shell Petroleum Company


Chen Kah Seong
Vice President
Upstream Centre of Excellence (COE)

Dr. Terapol Phoonsiri
Country Manager
Malaysia Asset

Vijay Krishnan
Partner and Head of Asia Pacific
Rystad Energy

This session will engage leading executives from the region in a stimulating and forward-looking dialogue on deepwater opportunities and challenges, as well as to share knowledge and best practices with a focus on how production and operations can be sustained and improved through innovation.

14:30 - 15:00
15:00 - 16:30
Technical Session 1: Exploration
Session Chairpersons Samsul Idrus, PETRONAS; Faizah Musa, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.; Tan Sue Chein, PTTEP Sabah Malaysia
  • Formation Pressure and Hydrocarbon Accumulation Sequence in Oil-bearing Basins
    Zhoa Xouxiang, Songling Yang, Wenjie Cai , Dong Li and Jianguang Chen, CNOOC International Limited
  • Deep Water Exploratory Wells: One Decade for a Successful Return to Foamed Cement Execution
    Aaron Martinex Melo, Moises Munoz, Yangsong Wu and Julio Guerra, Schlumberger; Leng Xueshuang and Zhang Xingxing, CNOOC
  • Operational Performance Training using High Fidelity Simulations and Advanced Human Performance Techniques
    Ir. Ts Kuhanesapathy Thavaras Pathy and Khairul Amir Khazali-Rosli, PETRONAS; Clive Battisby, Drilling Systems; Grant Wallace and Bruce Christie, Salos Sunesis
15:00 - 16:30
Technical Session 2: Development
Session Chairpersons Sharina M Salim, PETRONAS; Kevin Lau, Shell
  • Limbayong: Decoding Industry Decile Reservoir Complexity for Marginal Deepwater Development
    Mohamed Aiman Mohamed Najib, , PETRONAS; Phoon Yong Ken, PETRONAS
  • Trusting the Unknown: Translating Deep-water Geological Concepts into Quality Investment Decisions in Offshore Brunei Darussalam
    Fauzi Said, Brunei Shell PETROLEUM; Syazwina Rosli, Brunei Shell PETROLEUM
  • Optimising J-shape Deviation Well Geological Proposal by Deepening Kickoff Point
    Lei Huang, CNPCI
  • Extensive Planning, Execution and Improvement in Addressing Challenges of Top-Hole Uncertainties in Deepwater Wildcat Exploration Well
    Mohamad Abiabhar Abitalhah, M Syafiq M Ariffin, Hairul Rajab, Remy Azrai M Amin, M Hafiz M Makri, M Syahmi M Yusof, M Sadiq Shafiq Sam, Ahmad Afiq Mahadi and Zulfadli Anwar Zainal Abidin, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.; Zarin Zid, , Baker Hugh; smail Abd Rahman, Baker Hughes

16:30 - 17:00

Wednesday, August 25

13:00 - 14:30
Panel Session 1: Sustainable and Profitable Development of Deepwater Fields
Moderator(s) Haydn Ian Furlonge, Brunei Energy Services and Trading; Kevin Lau, Shell Malaysia


Phillip Solomon
Executive Director Commercial

Aidil Shabudin
Head of Resource Development and Management
Malaysia Petroleum Management

Richard Kho
General Manager, Malaysia and Philippines Projects
Sarawak Shell Berhad

Torfinn Akselsen
Vice President of Subsea Commercial
Asia Pacific

Development of deepwater fields have always been pursued with favourable reservoirs due to the high cost and long development time involved. Many initiatives have been undertaken over the past few decades to standardise solutions to help improve the overall profitability of these fields by reducing overall cost and ultimately minimising the necessary interventions in the operations phase. However, these efforts have not taken away the overall impression that deepwater developments are generally expensive and can be seen as an unattractive investment if the subsurface realisations fall in the low case.

In recent years, we have seen deepwater developments buck this trend as they have managed to continuously obtain lower unit development cost values through, not only technology and innovation, but also through disciplined project management practices and more realistic subsurface predictions. This panel of distinguished speakers will aim to showcase some of the more recent projects that have shown greater cost competitiveness in light of the downturn back in 2015 and more recently during the pandemic. These projects have also been able to compete for the necessary capital in various fiscal regimes within the region as they are becoming more of an attractive investment.

14:30 - 14:45
15:30 - 17:00
Technical Session 3: Production and Operations Excellence
Session Chairpersons CN Choong, Aker Solutions; Priscilla Ujang, Sabah Shell Petroleum Company
  • An Optimisation of Subsea Underwater Inspection with Risk Based Inspection Approach for Subsea Asset
    Awaluddin Berwanto, Ahmad Razali Yaakob and M Syafiq Husni Ahmad Zawawi, PETRONAS
  • Emission ZERO FPSO Program
    Alessandro Zunino, SBM Offshore
  • Increasing ESP Lifetime by Employing Novel Non-corrosive Acid System for Scales Removal
    Hany Gamal, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals

15:30 - 17:00
Technical Session 4: Innovative Technology and Solution Enablers I
Session Chairpersons Shankar Bhukya, NOV Grant Prideco; Paul Lonsdale, One Subsea
  • Technological Advancements for Operational Excellence
    Laurent Bordet, NOV Grant Prideco
  • Deepwater Riserless Casing Drilling:  A Game Changing Strategy for Riserless Casing Seat Optimisation
    Steven Rosenberg, Subsea Drive
  • Prediction of Water-Phase Mass Attenuation Coefficients Based on Multiphase Metering Data
    Mahdi Darab, OneSubsea, a Schlumberger Company; Ola-Marius Langelo Royset, OneSubsea, a Schlumberger Company, Rune Nygaard, OneSubsea, a Schlumberger Company; Lowestein Odai, Tullow Oil; Arvinder Paul Singh, Tullow Oil

  • Wells Real Time Centre: Challenges on Monitoring the Ultra-Deepwater Wells operation during a Pandemic Crisis
    Zool Fairiez Syatereiy Ahmad Zuhdi, Eftech Drilling Solutions Sdn. Bhd.; Azlan Mohamad PETRONAS; Raja Syafiq Raja Hamzah, EFTECH Drilling Solutions; Azlesham Rosli, PETRONAS; Sa'aid Halzey Abdul Talib, EFTECH Drilling Solutions; Mohamd Sukor Zainal Abidin, EFTECH Drilling Solutions

Thursday, August 26

13:00 - 14:30
Panel Session 2: Accelerating Deepwater’s Transition to a Carbon Neutral Energy Business
Moderator(s) Priscilla Ujang, Sabah Shell Petroleum Company; Julie Morgan, Woodside Energy Ltd


Si Huai Yeaw
Senior Engineer
Aker Solutions

Derek Price
Vice President
Oilfield Equipment
Baker Hughes

Handan Ramli
Head Production and Operation
Production and Operation Management
Malaysia Petroleum Management


This panel session aims to address how the deepwater business can respond to the challenge to halt global warming and in step with society’s progress as it works towards the Paris Agreement goal of limiting the increase in the average global temperature to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels.

This imperative is being incorporated into corporate strategies as carbon neutrality goals, typically net-zero carbon by 2050. For the energy industry, the tactics considered are numerous and range from well-established practices such as utilisation of natural sinks through tree planting, driving operational excellence to eliminate flaring and abating methane intensity, shift to natural gas, through to the more challenging transition to renewable energy and alternative decarbonised fuels, to major projects involving carbon capture and storage.

How can the deepwater industry respond to this urgent challenge and develop solutions which allow them to retain economic potential? This will require a fundamental transformation of how the industry produces and utilises energy and hence, industry-wide collaboration is essential. This panel of industry experts will share their views on how co-operation can bring together the best solutions and match the development pace to align with other sectors so that global energy sources remain economical for society.

14:30 - 15:30
15:30 - 17:00
Technical Session 5: Innovative Technology and Solution Enablers II
Session Chairpersons Shankar Bhukya, NOV Grant Prideco; Paul Lonsdale, One Subsea
  • Design One – Build Many – Fast4Ward Achievements
    Damien Nguyen, SBM Offshore
  • New Developments in Thermal Insulation for Deepwater Pipelines
    Jane Lim, Shawcor
  • Challenging Limits of Dense Completion Fluids Systems
    Jessica Paola Ramirez Angula A. Mack, P. Vincent and L. King, Tetra Technologies Inc
15:30 - 17:00
Technical Session 6: Technical and Commercial Partnership and Collaboration
Session Chairpersons Brett Phillips, Oceaneering; Julie Morgan, Woodside Energy Ltd.
  • Digital Platform as a Tool for Efficient Reservoir Management
    Nadir Husein, Geosplit LLC
  • Collaborate Early to Accelerate and Optimise your Subsea Development: Agile Subsea Field Development Service
    Sampath Munaweera, OneSubsea, a Schlumberger Company
  • Southeast Asia Looks to Boost its Deepwater Potential with Amended Fiscal Terms
    Prateek Pandey, Rystad Energy
  • Unlocking Energy Efficiency through Technology Partnership and Data Usage
    Konstantin Puskarskij, Maersk Drilling; Massamiliano Russo, Kongsberg Maritime

17:00 - 17:30