Extended Reach Drilling (ERD) wells has broadened its historical definition from having MD/TVD ratio of 2:1 to include wells with horizontal departure of up to 25,000 feet or more. In this workshop, we will be making an economic comparison between extended reach wells and conventional lower deviated departure, while emphasising on highlights and lowlights of drilling ERD wells.


Moreover, our discussions will indicate the correlation among various components involved in ERD wells, which include the design and interaction of special equipment, liner design, tubulars, and introduction of new technologies. Furthermore, how drilling and completion fluids design are key factors in the construction of ERD wells. Hence, continuous development of advanced software modules for hydraulics and hole-cleaning plays a fundamental role in the success of ERD wells.




In addition, this workshop will illustrate best practices for robust drilling and completion operations. Additionally, how advanced software modules, sensing hardware, data transmission, and real-time operating support are vital in the realisation and success of ERD wells.



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