Reservoir quality (RQ) is defined by the combination of rock and fluid properties leading to hydrocarbon storage and productivity. Low quality reservoirs (LQR) include but are not limited to low resistivity, heavy oil, tight, complex, and heterogeneous reservoirs, which can be tricky to develop and need special consideration. Researchers are seeking new ways to better develop and unlock the potential of existing LQR.

The majority of the existing oilfields are brown fields and the production from good quality reservoirs is steadily declining. LQR, that are located in old giant fields, have either not been identified or have a low production rate.




As progress is made in the learning curve for developing regional conventional and unconventional reservoirs, implementing innovative and suitable technologies is vital to improve recovery from these reservoirs, throughout its life cycle using all available tools and methodologies. These approaches will be reflected in the technical sessions selected for this workshop, which will encompass the evaluating and developing the potential of LQR.