Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) plays a critical role in the oil and gas industry as companies work towards reducing carbon dioxide emissions while meeting global energy demands.

CCUS technologies involve the capturing of CO2 from fuel combustion or industrial processes, transportation from capturing to injection sites, and injection into suitable underground geological formation. CCUS aims to support the environmental sustainability strategy.

This workshop will bring together leading global CCUS and CO2 EOR players, including oil and gas companies, government/regulatory authorities, R&D institutes, and service providers. Renowned keynote speakers will share their views on technology and project development.

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Image of CCUS courtesy of ADNOC.

Image courtesy of ADNOC.

It has a positive impact on managing climate changes as part of clean energy initiatives by embracing technology throughout the whole business value chain, whether upstream, midstream, or downstream.

Within upstream, CO2 for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) is a proven recovery mechanism and has seen worldwide applications with more than 100 projects in the last few decades. Continued CO2 EOR deployment can help to maximise oil recovery and reduce carbon emissions.


The key themes for the two-day workshop are:

CO2 capturing technology advancement and innovations

CO2 storage: reservoir selection and monitoring

CCUS and CO2 EOR: project planning, key drivers, and enablers

CO2 EOR, development in subsurface studies, wells and completion design

CO2 EOR, development in new materials selection, wells and facilities

CCUS and CO2 EOR: existing project experience and new frontiers.