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There are significant opportunities to grow the emerging carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) industry as part of the energy transition in Canada. Existing Canadian projects have linked hydrocarbon development with carbon sequestration, as well as power generation with enhanced oil recovery (EOR). Canada’s CCUS scope can be further expanded to integrate with other emission generating sectors.

Where does Canada currently fit in the global plans for decarbonization? What CCUS projects are being developed? How can we bring them to commercialization or make them cost effective in Canada? What will it take for Western Canada to become a carbon hub? How do I know whether CCUS is right for my company? Do I know enough about CCUS to help my company? How does CCUS stack up against other clean energy opportunities? Join fellow SPE members, CCUS-focused entrepreneurs, finance providers, and policy makers at this workshop to discuss these questions, share knowledge, learn about project updates and network.

The format will begin with knowledge sharing. Emissions issues, policy, economics, technology development, geologic considerations will be explored. Then we will drive connections and networking: let’s hear what potential funders want to see and showcase creative content from projects and concepts that are getting started.

This workshop is one of five in an SPE series on CCUS with regional sessions in Brisbane, Australia (September 2020); Rotterdam, The Netherlands (February 2021); Dubai, UAE (February 2021); Houston, USA (April 2021); and Calgary, Canada (May 2021). Calgary’s workshop will focus on onshore hubs targeting carbon from unconventionals, power, hydrogen and non-energy industries.

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