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The Oil and Gas industry is solving a wide range of high-stakes business problems, optimizing cash flow and return on investment and increasing market value by rapidly embracing, adopting, evolving and advancing digital strategy. 

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This workshop will focus on leveraging the power of analytics and showcase how companies have successfully integrated analytic methods and workflows into their digital journeys. How do we develop practical, applicable digital solutions to real-world business problems? What have operators learned from misguided digital strategies? What are the technological struggles and cultural obstacles hindering integration of analytics in existing workflows?


This workshop will deliver a series of presentations and facilitate insightful discussion on practical, applicable topics including analytics innovation, best practices, cultural shift, toolsets, and agile workflows.

Why Attend a Virtual Workshop?

A global audience with no travel expenses or scheduling barriers to delegate attendance

A convenient program with live interactive elements including Q&A and networking sessions

A longer lifespan for potential leads through the use of on-demand engagement tools after the event

Cost and time savings for all attendees

Attendees can enjoy ‘on-demand’ content for up to 90 days