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Suddenly, online format for personal and professional meetings became a new normal. But apart from all the limitations, online meetings gave us new opportunities as well: we have planned a virtual lab tour and international experts’ presentations.

We for sure kept capability of open discussions and personal (now virtual) meetings with workshop delegates

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In this especially difficult time for EORs, we took a new look at the logic of the technical program and talk about pressing problems. Apart from sessions, we discussed opportunities for EOR stimulation from the government side and both operating and service companies at a round table.


Technical Sessions

  • Session 1. Planning
  • Session 2. Monitoring, control, case studies
  • Session 3. Hybrid methods and new technologies
  • Session 4. EOR perspectives: New reality
  • Round Table: Stimulation of EOR Application


This Workshop was of interest for the specialists in the following areas:

Field Development

Production technologies

Modelling, etc.