SPE Workshop: Decarbonizing the economy – The future of carbon storage 10 - 11 Feb 2021 Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and its impact on global warming is one of the hottest topics on the planet. The spotlight is shining on the oil and gas industry on how it responds to the challenge of supplying the world’s energy demands, which minimising the global warming. This has led to a massive investment of research, technology and money into Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS).



This workshop will address the entire value chain of CCUS, looking at how CO2 is monitored, verified and valued, to assess the risk and potential benefit of utilising CO2, rather than releasing it to the environment. The general public are still sceptical that CO2 can be safely transmitted, converted, stored or utilised.

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Who Should Attend?

Production Engineers
Reservoir Engineers
Facility Engineers
Financial institutions
Service Providers
Policy makers and engineers across the energy business
Government authorities and universities and academia

Topics for Discussion

  • Carbon Capture, utilisation and storage
  • Subsurface storage
  • Transport and storage infrastructure
  • Enabling carbon storage
  • Incentivising and commercialising carbon storage
  • Social governance
  • Securing storage 

What Can you Expect at an SPE workshop?

Intensive learning in a short period of time

Highly focused technical topics

Peers facing similar business and technology challenges

Collaborative learning experience

Connections with specialised E&P experts