SPE/VPI Virtual Workshop: Mature Field Development and IOR/EOR Technology 23 - 25 Feb 2021 Virtual Workshop [MYT; UTC+8]

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Finding new and sizable oil and gas fields is becoming ever-challenging. Recent announcements of hydrocarbon discoveries are mainly marginal. In addition, the oil price volatility has hugely impacted the speed of investment in exploration and new development. With a considerably large amount of recoverable oil and gas remaining in various mature fields, oil companies have focused on adding value to existing assets.

The objective of this workshop was to share knowledge and experience on cost-effective IOR/EOR methods for production improvement, as well as examples on strategies employed for extending field life and improving recovery for mature fields. In the era of Industry 4.0, new approaches such as production digitalisation and artificial intelligence are becoming useful tools for effective reservoir management of mature fields.


This workshop was designed to bring together operators, contractors, service providers, and thought leaders to share knowledge, information, best practices, ideas, and plans while collaborating cohesively to further understanding on opportunities to redevelop and improve late-life assets.



Professionals in:

Artificial Intelligence

Asset Management


Drilling and Completion

Emerging Technology and Innovation

Field Development Planning

Facilities and Operations

Production Enhancement

Machine Learning

Production Technology

Reservoir Management

Reservoir Surveillance

Reservoir Monitoring and Intervention

Well Intervention

Improved Oil Recovery (IOR) and Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)


Sharing experience, knowledge, successes and challenges, learnings and ideas to further develop IOR/EOR technologies

​Network with industry colleagues and innovators through discussions and teamwork

​Gain insights from subject matter experts

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