SPE Workshop: Effective Supply Chain, Procurement, and Logistics Management 5 - 6 Apr 2021 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



Today’s complex and challenging oil and gas market environment, coupled with geopolitical uncertainties and economic turmoil, has created instability in oil price with ranges as low as USD20. Increasing pressure to tap into new businesses while retaining existing business, managing cash flow and minimising costs are also mounting simultaneously.



Speaking Opportunities 🎀



This workshop will explore valuable insights and share diverse perspectives from various industries to help leverage and keep up with market trends in supply chain, procurement, and logistics across the entire oil and gas value chain. The workshop encourages participants to connect with each other to achieve the desired outcome of effective and efficient end-to-end processes. 




Professionals in: 

Asset Management

Capacity and Operations Planning

Contracting and Procurement

Drilling and Well Services

Freight, Transportation, and Logistics

Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE)

Information System/Technology

Materials/Inventory Management

Production and Operation

Project Management

Procurement and Purchasing

Strategic Sourcing and
Category Management

Supply Chain Management/Strategy



NETWORK with peers and experts in the field

DISCUSS supply chain management strategies incorporating digitalisation to drive cost optimisation in line with current business environment

SHARE experiences, ideas and innovative solutions in sustainable procurement, digitalisation and uberisation of supply chain

UNCOVER cross-industry exposure in supply chain management best practices