Water Injection (WI) to improve oil recovery is a process which has been utilised for more than a century  and has significantly evolved over the years. A sizeable amount of conventional oil production can be attributed to WI. South East Asia (SEA) is a rich source of hydrocarbon resources; natural gas and petroleum from countries - Brunei, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia. SEA is still left with a sizeable oil reserves, despite a large historical production over a century, resulting in a large number of matured oil fields. Of these numerous matured fields, Malaysia alone has 28 WI fields targeting over 35% of discovered Stock-tank Oil Initially in Place (STOIIP), but accounting for 55% of total production with reservoir recoveries ranging from 20% to 60%. Hence in the South Eastern Region as a whole, there is significant scope to improve recovery through production by WI optimisation and management. Additionally, there are several brownfields with the potential to increase recovery by adopting WI as an improved or secondary recovery mechanism.

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This workshop provides opportunities for sharing and discussing views, experiences, success stories and advances in WI. The aim is to enable industry players to collectively reduce waste, improve efficiencies, and optimise operations.



EXAMINE processes and methods that can be used to improve waste management, improve efficiency and increase operational excellence in WI.

UNDERSTAND the different demands and conditions required for WI from field development to deployment.

GAIN insights on WI development, best practices, and available methods and technologies.

NETWORK and exchange knowledge with peers and experts in the field.  



Professionals in:

Asset Operations and Management

Data Science and Analytics

Drilling and Completions

EOR and IOR Specialisation

Field Development Planning

Geology and Geophysics

Petrophysics and Geomechanics

Production Technology

Projects, Facilities, and Constructions

Research and Development

Reservoir Engineering

Talent Management

Wells Engineering

Water Injection Technologies

Production and Injection Chemistry

Regulatory Activities