History often repeats itself, and failures in sand control and sand management are no exception. Unless we accurately understand what has gone wrong and make appropriate improvements, the success of our industry depends on what we learnt from our past achievements and failures, and how we use those lessons in future developments and operations. Although failures typically offer greater opportunities for learning, instinctively, we as engineers and managers prefer to share our success stories instead. With this tendency, invaluable lessons from failures can be forgotten or dismissed, causing wasteful cycles of learning from scratch and reinventing the wheel, and progress may be hampered.

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​This workshop calls on your teams’ and organisations’ experiences in handling sand control and sand management related failures, the subsequent analysis, and the lessons learnt. We encourage the industry to submit abstracts and presentations focused on sharing failures, to help steer discussions towards mitigating challenges and identifying solutions. This will also allow us as an industry to explore greater opportunity to learn from one another and achieve more significant successes in the future.




Anwar Husen Akbar Ali
Head, Petroleum Engineering Department
Centre of Excellence, Upstream



GAIN insights through discussions on failures, causes, improvements in the areas of sand production physics, technologies, practices, remediations for both subsurface and surface

EXPLORE emerging technology solutions in Subsurface and Surface Sand Management

NETWORK with peers and experts in the field



This workshop will benefit professionals involved in the development, implementation or improvement of field-wide sand control strategies and technologies:

Asset Management and Operations

Data Analytics




Field Development Planning

Geological and Geophysical



Process Engineering

Production Engineering

Production Technology

Reservoir Engineering

Service Providers

Technology Developers

Research Institutions

Well Design