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Amidst the current volatile oil prices, a cost-effective and value-added field development with proactive reservoir and production management requires attention more than ever. Over the years, this objective now goes hand in hand with the continuing progress in technology, both in its development and application. Reservoir modelling has remained the tool to unravel complex rock-fluid interactions to provide pragmatic predictions of production from oil and gas assets to assess business values.


The demand for green technologies such as Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) has recently increased, coinciding with the commitment from companies and government agencies in reducing carbon emissions and creating more sustainable projects. Improvements in modelling CO2 for sequestration projects, for example, addresses the need for technical excellence as well as ensuring the highest safety in the storage and containment aspects.



NETWORK with peers and experts in the reservoir modelling and simulation field

UNCOVER advanced data analytics for better predictions amidst the presence of uncertainties

SHARE experiences, ideas, and innovative technologies in all aspects of reservoir modelling and simulation

DISCUSS the latest development and current challenges in reservoir modelling to attain more optimised field development and effective asset management 


Professionals in:


Asset Management

Basin Study

Data Science and Engineering


Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)

Field Development


Geological Modelling


Geomechanical and Geochemical Modelling

Laboratory and Testing

Petroleum Economics

Petroleum Engineering


Production Engineering and Technology

Research and Development

Reservoir Engineering

Reservoir Management

Reservoir Simulation

Reservoir Surveillance

Sustainability Development

Software Engineering

Well Completions

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