COVID-19 Safety Information



Register Online
As part of our safe and contactless initiatives, all attendees will need to register online. Your badge can be collected from the resgistration desk.


Visa Requirements
Ensure you meet the entry visa requirements. Find out whether you need a visa and how to apply.


Proof of Vaccination
All travelers arriving in the Sultanate are required to present a COVID-19 vaccine certificate containing a QR Code stating that they have received two doses of any COVID-19 vaccine approved in Oman Pfizer BioNTech, Oxford Astrazeneca, Covishield AstraZeneca, Sputnik, Sinovac, Moderna, and Sinopharm, or a single dose of Johnson & Johnson. The last dose is required to have been received not less than fourteen (14) days ahead of the estimated arrival time. The Ministry of Health publishes and updates the list of vaccines approved in Oman.

*Update as of March 10, 2022. Go to the Oman Airports website for latest updates.


Medical Travel Insurance
All travelers arriving in the Sultanate of Oman are required to obtain international health insurance to cover the cost of one month's treatment of COVID- 19, with the exception of Omani citizens, citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council States and travelers with a free treatment card.


Which is the preferred hotel to stay at closest to the venue?
Crowne Plaza Muscat Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre is the recommended hotel for accommodation during the SPE Conference at Oman Petroleum & Energy Show.

A discounted rate will be applicable only for registered delegates subject to availability.

Bookings can be made at the standard rate by contacting the hotel directly at:

Crowne Plaza Muscat OCEC
Al Jamah Al Akbar Street, Adjacent to Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre
Madinat Al Irfan
Muscat, Oman

☎️ 968-24-252000


Do I need to be vaccinated to attend OPES?
All travelers arriving in the Sultanate are required to present a COVID-19 vaccine certificate containing a QR Code stating that they have received two doses of any COVID-19 vaccine approved in Oman. Refer to ‘Before You Travel’ section.

Nationals/Residents of Oman can access the venue with just one dose of the vaccination.

Do I need to present a negative PCR test to attend OPES?
No, PCR test results are not required to attend OPES.

Are face masks mandatory?
All visitors, vendors, exhibitors, and employees at the OCEC are obliged to wear a face mask for the entire duration of their visit at the OCEC. Signage throughout the building as well as staff patrols will confirm adherence to this regulation.


What if I have a high temperature?
In the case of a high temperature, you will be asked to step aside to cool down. If the high temperature persists, you will be directed to a designated medical facility to recheck your temperature and take any necessary medical procedures, such as doing a PCR test.

What happens if I get sick at the venue?
There will be a medical ambulance stationed all three days outside the ballroom entrance for any emergency. 


How often is the venue sanitized?
All areas of the OCEC are regularly sanitized using an alcohol based disinfectant. Bathrooms and public areas are provided with sufficient sanitization dispenses for ease of access.

Please follow our safety instructions as clarified in the link below for your safety and those around you. Thank you for your cooperation.

Where can I find further information regarding the COVID-19 Guidelines in Muscat?
Please see below government entities in Muscat that can assist and guide you regarding COVID-19 and other safety and health protocols that need to be followed:


How do I leave the venue?

All means of transportation are welcomed at the OCEC. Stakeholders are expected to adhere to entrance and exit location as devised by the OCEC team. This process is seamless and will be displayed in a clear manner to each stakeholder type.
If personal pick up or drop off services are used, the OCEC security and administration teams will support your requirement. Visit the nearest reception counter for details.
If you require assistance for access such as hiring mobility equipment, please inform us prior to your arrival (equipment available for hire on a first come first served basis). Contact us on for bookings.

Taxis can be booked through OTaxi.


Do I need to do a PCR test before leaving Muscat?

For international travellers, please check the requirements of the country you are travelling to. The travel regulations change frequently. You may need to take a COVID‑19 PCR test before you depart or another particular type of COVID‑19 test specified by your destination.


Where do I get a PCR test done in Muscat and how much does it cost?

  • If required, PCR tests can be done at the Airport Drive-through and Walk-in facilities, located in P5 car park in Muscat
  • The cost of the drive-thru PCR test is 19 OMR, you can register for it through
  • Test results will be available within 24 hours at:
  • The certified Ministry of Health test report is now electronically available on for a fee of 5 OMR


Other PCR Testing Facilities:

You may get the PCR test done at any private clinic as well. Note two options mentioned below:

Al Raffa Hospital: Drive Through PCR Test Only

  • 30 minutes away from OCEC
  • Timing: 0800 – 1900 hours, No appointment needed
  • PCR Cost: 18 OMR
  • PCR Test Results: 24 hours, will provide the ministry certificate and results by email. If you need the original for travel, please specify while taking the test and you will have to go back to collect the result.
  • Contact Number: +968 24 618900


Burjeel Hospital

  • 15 minutes away from OCEC
  • PCR Test Cost:
    • 18 OMR – Result in 8 hours
    • 12 OMR – Result in 24 hours
  • Travel Certificate: 5 OMR
  • Contact Number: +968 24 399777