Young Professional Forum: Toward Leading the Energy Sustainability

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The global energy industry is facing a major transition process bringing with it unprecedented challenges driven by the increasing penetration of renewables into the energy supply mix, the rapid shift in technology development, consumer preferences, regulations, and investor orientations. No doubt that human capital and their collective knowledge is what going to fuel this energy transition in which the emerging youngsters has to play the key role in it. OPES 2022 Young Professional Forum will provide the participants with an insightful view about some of the trending topics and challenges the energy industry is currently facing, discuss innovative ideas and pioneer initiatives, that will make them more competitive, more enabled and more connected with their peers towards to become better leaders in a world of swiftly and disruptive changes.


Tuesday, March 22

0800 - 0830
0830 - 0845
Opening Ceremony
0845 - 0900
Keynote Address
0900 - 1000
Empowering the Leaders of Tomorrow

Workplace diversity is no longer optional but critical to the success and sustainability of an organization. As the Young Professionals grow into their roles over time, we must advance hand-in-hand to achieve a place for organizations to actively exercise “involvement, participation, and influence.” This Plenary session will dive into ways organizations are currently involving the youth and the leaders of tomorrow through representation in internal committees, strategic working groups & leadership forums - resulting active mentorship & upskilling and how their actions can make their workforce truly diverse. With experts from Industry and Academia, the session will explore how the next generation of leaders are More encouraged and empowered to act & more able to participate.

1000 - 1030
Coffee Break and Networking Lounge
1030 - 1200
Roundtable 1 - Positively Progressive: Mental Health, Positive Psychology and Performance

Employees’ productivity has been extensively addressed by psychologists for a long time. Positive psychology is all about embracing people's strengths rather than focusing on their weaknesses. It's based on the premise that all people want to live purposeful and fulfilling lives, desire to be their best selves and strive for happiness in every aspect of their work and personal lives. When leaders approach their management style from this perspective - when they believe in the power of their own people - it can have a transformative effect on how your organization performs.
This round table session will provide the opportunity to examine and practice the processes, tools and highly effective techniques of positive physiology and how it helps increasing performance and achieving success.

1030 - 1200
Roundtable 2 - Hydrogen Technologies

Hydrogen product is widely used in different applications including ammonia production, petroleum refining and energy applications. Today, hydrogen technologies is rapidly-growing and prospering, aligned with the world's shift towards cleaner energy in the road to NZE target and more importantly, to cover the global energy demand increase. And not excluding The Sultanate of Oman, a number of hydrogen strategic projects is taking place to utilize The Sultanate's Oman's outstanding geographical location. Developing a competitive and large-scale green hydrogen production is critical, aiming to diversify The Sultanate's Oman's economy to achieve its 2040 Vision. This round table session will address how important is the hydrogen industry to the future of Oman economy, how the developed technologies will introduce new opportunities for the youth and what is the role the academia will play in this field.

1200 - 1330
Luncheon and Prayer Break
1330 - 1530
Breakout Session - Net Zero Emissions: Eliminating GHG emissions OR Emerging Technologies

Never in human history has the need to tackle the effects of climate change due to greenhouse gas emissions been more critical than it is today. The need to strike a balance between greenhouse gas emissions produced from human activities and those emissions taken out of the atmosphere is now more important than ever before. The Sultanate of Oman has pledged to play its role and contribute in the global initiative to reduce the nearly 50 billion tons of greenhouse gases that are added to the atmosphere every year. To avoid the worst climate change impact, GHG emissions need to be slashed to half by 2030 and reach net zero in 2050 that is way an urgent and more comprehensive actions are needed. This interactive workshop delivered by LEAN coaches is designed to bring together the energy industry's young professionals and allow them to collaborate, share ideas and take on a more active role on the journey to a net zero world.

1530 - 1545
End of Event


OPES YP Program Committee

Alaa Al Zarafi
National Young Professionals Committee (Ministry of Energy and Minerals)
Reservoir Navigation Engineer
Baker Hughes

Hilal Al Ghefeili
National Young Professionals Committee (Ministry of Energy and Minerals)
Production Area Programmer
Petroleum Development Oman

Sultan Al Rubaei
National Young Professionals Committee (Ministry of Energy and Minerals)
Sr. Consultant

Elham Al Eisri
National Young Professionals Committee (Ministry of Energy and Minerals)
Acting Head of Human Capital Management
Oman Society for Petroleum Services (OPAL)

Maram Al Belushi
National Young Professionals Committee (Ministry of Energy and Minerals)
Ministry of Energy and Minerals