Tuesday, August 09

09:00 - 10:00
GP1  Opening Session & Keynote Ballroom I
Speaker(s) Sarawut Kaewtathip - Department of Mineral Fuels, Montri Rawanchaikul - PTTEP, Henricus Herwin - PT Pertamina Hulu Energi, Mike Dubose - IADC


Sarawut Kaewtathip
Department of Mineral Fuels

Montri Rawanchaikul
Chief Executive Officer
PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited

Henricus Herwin
Director – Asia Pacific Region
Society of Petroleum Engineers
Vice President Upstream Business Development
PT Pertamina Hulu Energi 

Mike DuBose
Senior Vice President
International Development
International Association of
Drilling Contractors (IADC)

10:15 - 10:45
eP01  Knowledge Sharing ePoster Session 1 Ballroom II and III
Time Paper # Presentation
1015-1045 209890 Drilling Complete MPD Rig: Time Now for Jack-Ups Now B.J. Gedge, C. Binh, T. Vuong, N. Hai, PVD Well Services Co. Ltd.; N. Yaw, J. Mardon, H. Fröhlich, Regional Marine & Engineering Pte. Ltd.; N. Gooding, Seadrill; H.M. Santos, SafeKick
1015-1045 209855 Production & Operations First Slim Open Hole Standalone Screen Completion Offshore Malaysia: Performances, Lessons Learned and Way forward S. Kumar, W. Wan Hassan, N. Latif, C. Hwan Roh, B.B. Madon, M. Sakdilah, M. Karim, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
1015-1045 209883 Drilling Digitalisation and Automation of the Planning and Execution of Well Construction Process A. Ruzhnikov, E. Echevarria, C. Phan, Schlumberger
1015-1045 209908 Completions Temporary Zonal Protection Success Using HEC Based Gel Allows the Use of High Strength Conformance Sealant as a Barrier for Cross-Flow Behind Casing Remediation and Water Shut Off Treatment: Offshore Vietnam T. Daohmareeyor, T.T. Nguyen, R. Wattanasuwankorn, Halliburton
1015-1045 209904 Production & Operations Study on Dynamic Variation Characteristics of Reservoir Fluid Phase Behavior during Co2 Injection in Co2 based Enhanced Oil Recovery Process M. Zuo, H. Chen, C. Xu, I. Stephenraj, X. Qi, H. Yu, X. Liu, China U. of Petroleum (Beijing)
11:00 - 12:30
EP1  Executive Plenary Session: Well Technologies to Deliver Energy Transition and Sustainable Development Ballroom I
Moderator(s) Thom Payne - Westwood Global Energy Group, Benjamin Choo - PTTEP, Arthur Russi - Transocean
Speaker(s) Kanita Sartwattayu - PTTEP, Ivan Tan Boon Kiat - Shell, Kah Seong Chen - PETRONAS, Colby N Fuser - Halliburton, Harvey Snowling - Borr Drilling

Emerging well technologies have brought much enthusiasm in closing the gap towards net zero. The industry must continuously embrace new technologies to overcome challenges and address sustainable practices in drilling. This session will discuss up and coming innovations and the challenges that come with transformation during this unprecedented time. 


Thom Payne
Director – Head of Offshore
Energy Services
Westwood Global Energy


Kanita Sartwattayu
Executive Vice President - Engineering and Development Group
PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited

Chen Kah Seong
Vice President
Centre of Excellence, Upstream

Ivan Tan
Country Chairman and Senior Vice President
Malaysia Upstream

Colby Fuser
Region Vice President, Asia Pacific

Harvey Snowling
Chief Operating Officer
Borr Drilling


13:15 - 13:45
eP02  Knowledge Sharing ePoster Session 2 Ballroom II and III
Time Paper # Presentation
1315-1345 209913 An Innovated Image-based Approach for Logging-while-drilling Image Quality Improvement in Stick and Slip Phase S. Yang, Schlumberger; F. Al-Mutairi, KOC Oil Company; T. Zhang, A. He, C. Shrivastava, Y. Shim, I. Taufik Pasaribu, Schlumberger
1315-1345 209876 Drilling Stiff String Casing Design with 3D Orientated Casing Wear B. Nobbs, F. Aichinger, Helmerich & Payne
1315-1345 209896 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Establishing Sustainable Oil and Gas Industry: Directional Drilling & Measurement/Logging while Drilling Remote Operations to Achieve Net Zero Carbon Future in Indonesia J. Choo, B. Noviasta, A.I. Hakim, Schlumberger
1315-1345 209931 Production & Operations Laboratory Study and Field Application of Salt-Tolerant Nano-Emulsion for Enhanced Spontaneous Imbibition Oil Recovery W. Wu, J. Hou, L. Xiao, M. Qu, W. Wang, I. Stephenraj, Y. Wen, W. Wu, T. Liang, China U. of Petroleum (Beijing)
14:00 - 15:30
P01  Panel Session 1: Covid-19 Pandemic: HSE, Fatigue Management and Lessons Learned Ballroom I
Moderator(s) Mike Dubose - IADC, Rachit Cheerajin - PTTEP
Speaker(s) Sunchai Pongorapin - PTTEP, Khairul Amir Khazali - PETRONAS, David Mok - Halliburton, Derek Massie - Vantage Drilling

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the oil and gas industry; including the operators, drilling contractors and service providers, inevitably faced tremendous challenges in order to maintain production, manage their operations safely and meanwhile, keeping up with the rapid changes in regulatory environment across the globe. This tough pandemic situation has been with us for some time, but have we done enough to keep everyone safe and run our operations efficiently? What are the challenges and most efficient means to succeed? Through the sharing of best practices, lessons learnt and meaningful discussion, this session will openly address collaborative efforts regarding HSE and fatigue management, during this ever-shifting time.

Session Chairs

Mike Dubose
Senior Vice President
International Development
International Association of Drilling Contractors 

Rachit Cheerajin
Well Services Engineering Section
PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited



K. Sunchai Pongorapin
Vice President, Myanmar Well Operations
PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited

Khairul Amir Khazali
Head Wells Peninsular Malaysia Development

David Mok
CSEA Country Manager

Derek Massie
Vice President
Human Resources
Vantage Drilling


14:00 - 15:30
TS01  Technical Session 1: Novel Technologies and Digital New York III
Session Chairpersons Khan Boonsri - PTTEP, Benjamin J Gedge - PetroVietnam Drilling & Well Services - Regional Marine & Engineering PTE
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 209842 Drilling Explore Beyond Boundary - New Record to Reduce Emission and Drilling Cycle Enabled Through Innovative Technologies and Project Management F. Liu, D. Han, CNOOC China Ltd., TianJin Branch; L. Xiang, CNOOC EnergyTechnology & Services Ltd.; D. Li, G. Hu, H. Zhao, CNOOC China Ltd., TianJin Branch; J. Gong, X. Zhou, S. Wang, N. Huang, A. Abbasgholipour, C. Yosakrai, Schlumberger
1440-1500 209836 Easy Life with Automated Digitalised Analytic Tools for Well Integrity Management for Unstructured Brown Field K. Wejwittayaklung, A. Nadoon, K. Hnuruang, P. Piron, P. Promwikorn, P. Jirajindakul, R. Chandakaew, S. Singsa-Nga, T. Kunpitaktakun, W. Toempromraj, Y. Yokrat, P. Konganuntragul, PTTEP
1500-1520 209841 Drilling Implementation of Well Delivery Process (WDP) Application, a Success Story of Digitalisation in Well Design Process V. Benjaboonyazit, K. Kiani Nassab, S. Buapha, N. Durongwattana, PTTEP; R. Garg, Halliburton
14:00 - 15:30
TS02  Technical Session 2: Workover, Well Intervention and Integrity New York II
Session Chairpersons Nicholas Kwang Hui Foo - PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd., Meor Muhammad Hakeem Meor Hashim - PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 209874 Production & Operations The Application and Efficiency of Using Single Shot Circulating Valve During Hydraulic Fracturing Operation in the Event of Sand Screen-out T.M. Vo, R. Wattanasuwankorn, Halliburton; W. Pattarachupong, T. Sirirattanachatchawan, K. Hnuruang, K. Kanpiromkul, A. Nadoon, K. Siriphruek, P. Pirom, A. Thipprasert, C. Paramart, C. Chaisri, P. Buatong, PTTEP
1420-1440 209873 Completions The First Application of a Coiled Tubing Catenary System in the Gulf of Thailand. A Technology Break Through for Offshore Facilities with Space and Weight Limitations J. Uasetwattana, S. Kanchiak, C. Kornkitsuwan, Chevron; R. Wattanasuwankorn, N. Jiemsawat, Y. Toh, Halliburton
1520-1540 209889 Completions A Successful Water Shut Off using a Thixotropic Treatment in a Sub Hydrostatic and Highly Aromatic Well, Results in Increased Gas Production of 30% and Reduced Water Production of 63%, Vietnam T. Daohmareeyor, T. Nguyen, R. Wattanasuwankorn, Halliburton; Y. Kim, T. Nguyen, KNOC
15:30 - 16:00
eP03  Knowledge Sharing ePoster Session 3 Ballroom II and III
Time Paper # Presentation
1530-1600 209902 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Strategic Reservoir Characterisation Manoeuvre in a Clay Sensitive, Pressure-depleted and Geomechanically Complex Gas Reservoir in Offshore Peninsular Malaysia S. Zulkipli, M. Abdul Hamid, D. Dangfa, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.; S. Han, Schlumberger
1530-1600 209900 Drilling Continuous Improvement on the Performance of Innovative 360 Rolling Diamond Element and Conical Diamond Element Bit Led to Save 2.9 Days from Drilling in Hard and Abrasive Sandstone Formation L.N. Vi, W. Khobchit, T. Teerachotmongkol, B. James, A. Abbasgholipour, Schlumberger; T. Kongsirinurak, T. Tungperachaikul, S. Amranand, N. Panmamuang, PTTEP
1530-1600 209834 Drilling A Novel Approach to Analyse Fracture Properties Utilising Advanced Mud Logging A. Qatari, K.A. Qubaisi, Saudi Aramco; S. Dsouza, C. Magnier, Exlog
1530-1600 209895 Drilling Reservoir Compaction and Surface Subsidence Assessment to Optimise Field Development Planning in Offshore Malay Basin, Malaysia P. Santha Moorthy, A. Chatterjee, A. Younessi, A. Ghosh, Baker Hughes
1530-1600 209886 Drilling Application of DNN-TCN Composite Neural Network in Rate of Penetration Prediction F. Zhou, H. Fan, China U. of Petroleum-Beijing; B. Lu, H. Zhang, Sinopec Research Inst. of Petroleum Engineering; I. Raj, Learn By Research, India; China U. of Petroleum - Beijing; X. Tao, K. Bai, China U. of Petroleum-Beijing
16:00 - 17:30
P02  Panel Session 2: Enhancing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Performance in Our Industry Ballroom I
Moderator(s) Wayne Nigel Bauer - Vantage, Alex Maroske - Energy Drilling Co.
Speaker(s) Susama Pitakuldilog - PTTEP, Kim Mun Wong - Shell, Panos Koutsourakis - ABS, David Gerard - Sapura Energy Berhad, Guan Xing - PT COSL INDO

Environment, social and governance, is a term that has gained prominence over recent years and investors, operators and local governments are placing increasing expectations on Industry in this area. ESG can be considered to describe how an organisation ensures a sustainable, responsible and ethical approach to business, However, what does ESG mean for the oil and gas industry? This panel discussion will explore how our industry is managing its approach to ESG and some of the strategies being implemented across the industry.

Session Chairs

Wayne Bauer
Vice President QHSE & Sustainability
Vantage Drilling

Alex Maroske
Head of QHSSE
Energy Drilling



Susama Pitakuldilog
Vice President
Sustainable Development and Knowledge Management Department
PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited

Wong Kim Mun
General Manager
Well Operations Malaysia

Panos Koutsourakis
Sustainability Strategy

David Gerrard
Vice President,
Group QHSE
Sapura Energy Berhad

Guan Xing
Vice President


16:00 - 17:30
TS03  Technical Session 3: Data Acquisition and Inovative Technologies New York III
Session Chairpersons Azyyati Ahmad Hamizan - PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd., Keith Kotval - Japan Drilling Co. Ltd.
Time Paper # Presentation
1600-1620 209912 Completions Advance Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Image Logs Application for Predicting Particle Sand Distribution E. Samuel, M.R. Hanif, PTTEP; M.A. Mustapa, M.M. Adeyosfi, M.M. Lwin, S.S. Lee, P. Millot, F.K. Wong, Schlumberger
1620-1640 209848 Drilling Drilling Inside Fiberglass Casing, Wear Prediction and Management in Geothermal Wells F. Aichinger, Helmerich & Payne; M. Beddelem, G. Germain, L. Hirsinger, CFG Services; L. Gerbaud, Mines Paristech; R.E. Studer, Helmerich & Payne
1640-1700 209849 Production & Operations InSight: Corrosion-Wise Monitoring Tool Empowered by Robot Process Automation K.W. Wejwittayaklung, N. Piyakunkiat, PTTEP
1700-1720 209859 Drilling Empowering Collaboration and Refining Acumen with Rig Acceptance Workflow Digitalisation M. Meor Hashim, L. Norhashimi, N. Norazman, M. Arriffin, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
16:00 - 17:30
TS04  Technical Session 4: Well Design New York II
Session Chairpersons Sompop Buapha - PTTEP, Mohd Zulkifli Omar - PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
Time Paper # Presentation
1600-1620 209845 Drilling Development of Early Oil Well Cement Properties Using Laponite Particles A. Ahmed, A.A. Mahmoud, S.M. Elkatatny, King Fahd U. of Petroleum & Minerals
1620-1640 209911 Drilling Gulf of Thailand 4-string Well Design Transformation Using MPD System: Cost Saving, Operational Challenges, and Learnings H. Dalgit Singh, E. Sammat, T. Kleawyothatis, Weatherford Asia Pacific; K. Niracharopas, K. Kiani Nassab, PTTEP
1640-1700 209846 Drilling Stiff String Torque and Drag: Choosing a Realistic Tortuosity Model B. Nobbs, C. Plee, N. Dao, Helmerich & Payne
1700-1720 209857 Drilling Conceptual Casing Design for a HPHT Carbonate Development Project with High Co2 And H2S Contaminants S. Ong, U. Ungku Hamzah, J.H. Manson, A. Hakam Abdul Razak, L. Umar, N. Kongpat, C. Grant, K.W. Wejwittayaklung, P. Konganuntragul, N. Piyakunkiat, K. Abdul Rashid, W. Toempromraj, C. Chanpen, P. Bandyopadhyay, M.K. Hamdan, P. Jantasuwanna, PTTEP

Wednesday, August 10

09:00 - 10:30
TS05  Technical Session 5: HSE and Sustainability Ballroom I
Session Chairpersons Alex Maroske - Energy Drilling Co., Arthur Russi - Transocean
Time Paper # Presentation
0900-0920 209923 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Hierarchical Zeolites from Production Sand Waste as Catalysts for CO2 to Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs): Exploration and Production Sustainability S. Watcharasing, PTTEP; C. Wattanakit, A. Thivasasith, Vidyasirimedhi Inst. of Science and Technology (VISTEC); P. Kiattikomol, PTTEP
0920-0940 Invited Presenter - Ulrike Schopp U. Schopp, Ulrike; S. Depraz, Sophie
0940-1000 209896 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Establishing Sustainable Oil and Gas Industry: Directional Drilling & Measurement/Logging while Drilling Remote Operations to Achieve Net Zero Carbon Future in Indonesia J. Choo, B. Noviasta, A.I. Hakim, Schlumberger
0940-1000 209933 Aquatic Animal Monitoring System J. Sakirin, T. Rapeethasanaphong, Rovula (Thailand) Co., Ltd.; P. Maleewong, PTTEP
09:00 - 10:30
TS06  Technical Session 6: Management Systems and Case Studies New York III
Session Chairpersons Keith Kotval - Japan Drilling Co. Ltd., Meth Follett - PTTEP Myanmar Drilling Operations
Time Paper # Presentation
0900-0920 209858 Drilling Development of Drill Pipes Failure Prediction Models and Operational Management System Using Real-Time Data Analytics and Ai R.C. Machado, J. Rizzi, C. Xavier, L.D. Rocha, L.O. Souza, P. Ferreira, R. Crespo, Ocyan; D. Martins, V. Chaves, V. Oliveira, RIO Analytics
0920-0940 209853 Production & Operations Study on 4D Geomechanical Application in Fault Sealing Capacity Evaluation of Underground Gas Storage Y. Luo, L. Li, Y. Zhou, Research Inst. of Exploration & Development, Southwest Oil & Gasfield Co., PetroChina; L. Li, Gas Storage Administrative Division, Southwest Oil & Gas Field Co., PetroChina; Y. Zhao, Research Inst. of Exploration & Development, Southwest Oil & Gasfield Co., PetroChina; H. Wei, Research Inst. of Petroleum Exploration & Development, PetroChina Tarim Oilfield Co., CNPC; Q. Liu, X. Liu, PetroChina Tarim Oilfield Co., CNPC; X. Huang, T. Singjaroen, Baker Hughes
0940-1000 209888 Drilling A Case Study on the Use of Machine Learning and Data Analytics to Improve Rig Operational Efficiency and Equipment Performance F. Curina, A. Asokan, L. Bori, A. Talat Qushchi, V. Mitu, H. Mustapha, DRILLMEC Spa
1000-1020 209915 Drilling Longest 3D Horizontal Granitic Basement Section Record Drilled in Vietnam Using Friction Reduction Technology and Real-time Torque & Drag Management L. Thai, Thang Long Joint Operating Co.; N. Nguyen, G. Blackwell, M. Do, National Oilwell Varco
09:00 - 10:30
TS07  Technical Session 7: Drilling and Well Services Operations New York II
Session Chairpersons Edgar Echevarria - Schlumberger, Muhammad Aizat Abu Bakar - PETRONAS
Time Paper # Presentation
0900-0920 209905 Drilling Combination of Side Entry Sub, Pad Eye Sub, and Swivel Sub that Prevent Damage to Wireline Cable and Allow Heave Compensation on Semi-submersible Rig for Pipe Recovery Operation V.T. Pinprayong, Weatherford; M. Htet, PTTEP; M.B. Seleman, A. Lim, K. Riaz, Advanced Well Technologies (AWT)
0920-0940 209907 Drilling Future of Directional Casing Drilling with the New Block Type High Ratio Underreamer Technology to Further Optimise the Well Engineering Design and Reduce Carbon Foot Print A. Baharudin, B.S. Chai, N.N. Mohd Najmi, E.J. Bayking, K. Ravendrnathan, Schlumberger
0940-1000 209920 Drilling Reducing Drilling Risk Associated with Running Casing through Challenging Borehole Conditions with the Adoption of a Scalable Ultra-High Speed Hydraulically Actuated Reamer Shoe Technology N. Yimyam, PTE Plus; C.O. Nkwocha, Geopro Oilfield Technologies
1000-1020 209843 Management & Information Pragmatic Strategy for Operational and Cost Efficiency Improvement: A Case Study of Rig Selection Strategy for Hydraulic Fracturing Operation in S1 Oil Field Thailand T. Sirirattanachatchawan, S. Kanjanarat, P. Pirom, K. Siriphruek, A. Tantianon, A. Nadoon, M. Follett, C. Paramart, A. Kukiattikoon, PTTEP
10:30 - 11:00
eP04  Knowledge Sharing ePoster Session 4 Ballroom II and III
Time Paper # Presentation
1030-1100 209933 Aquatic Animal Monitoring System J. Sakirin, T. Rapeethasanaphong, Rovula (Thailand) Co., Ltd.; P. Maleewong, PTTEP
1030-1100 209910 Drilling Well Integrity under Dynamic Stresses Using Flexible Cement Systems A.A. Mahmood, H. Rasheed, U.A. Jan, A.Y. Khan, J.M. Salazar, Schlumberger
1030-1100 209866 Drilling First Experience Matter: The Valuable and Great Learnings from Unfavorable Mud Acid Stimulation in S Field Gravel Pack Wells, East Malaysia H.B. Bakar, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.; N. Ravichandran, Hibiscus Petroleum; H. Hassan, M. Abu Bakar, K. Nizam Idris, R. Masoudi, PETRONAS
1030-1100 209863 Drilling High-Resolution Remote Mapping of Thin Sand Lobes with Novel Multilayer Mapping-while-Drilling Tool: A Case Study from Nong Yao Field Offshore Thailand C. Thurawat, W. Teeratananon, T. Ampaiwan, R.M. Carter, W. Phaophongklai, P. Vimolsubsin, R. Watcharanantakul, Mubadala Petroleum; H. Wang, T. Foongthongcharoen, K. Alang, Schlumberger
1030-1100 209837 Drilling Understanding Thermo-poroelastic Mechanical Stress Induced Damages in Network of Pre-existing Fractures during Drilling Operation M. Gomar, B. Elahifar, Norwegian U. of Science and Technology
11:00 - 12:30
P03  Panel Session 3: Digital Tools and New Technologies for Well Performance Optimisation and Low Carbon Emissions Ballroom I
Moderator(s) Anupong Chailert - Baker Hughes, Thanawee Kreethapon - Carigali-PTTEPI Operating Co. Sdn. Bhd.
Speaker(s) Kittipat W Wejwittayaklung - PTTEP, George Wong - Repsol, Carlos Diaz - Baker Hughes, Waldemar Eduardo Szemat - Schlumberger, Manoj Nimbalkar - Weatherford, Vasilis Vasou - Maersk Drilling

The energy industry is on the cusp of a major transformation. Digitally transforming every aspect of energy operation is a top priority for most companies. While there are many technology solutions in the market, digital transformation programs require partners with the right people, the right skills, and the right ecosystems. Moving the energy industry to the next level of operational excellence, it is time to take a more proactive approach with collaboration  in areas of digital tools that impact well performance optimisation. Technology can revolutionise how we utilise digital tools to optimise the well operations, and how we detect and react to the low carbon emission opportunities. This session explores the ways in which an example of digital innovation that the industry needs in order to run assets more efficiently aiming towards the low carbon emissions for today and tomorrow.

Session Chairs

Anupong Chailert
Business Development Manager
Baker Hughes

Thanawee Kreethapon
Drilling Manager
Carigali-PTTEPI Operating Company Sdn. Bhd.



Kittipat Wejwittayaklung
Well Engineering and DT Commercialisation Team Lead
PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited

Carlos Diaz
Global Account Director
Baker Hughes

Vasilis Vasou
Senior Project Manager
Well Construction Digital Ecosystem
Maersk Drilling

Waldemar E. Szemat Vielma
Principal Digital Drilling
Business Development Manager Schlumberger

Manoj Nimbalkar
Global Vice President -
Digital Solutions

George Wong
Drilling and
Completions Manager
Hibiscus Petroleum

11:00 - 12:30
TS08  Technical Session 8: Field Development and Case Study New York III
Session Chairpersons Garry John Dick - The REACH Group, Samer Samir Ghandour - TDE Group
Time Paper # Presentation
1100-1120 209861 Old Field, New Well: Well Design Challenge for Long-Terms Co2 Storage in a Depleted Field W. Toempromraj, C. Grant, C. Chanpen, K.W. Wejwittayaklung, P. Konganuntragul, P. Bandyopadhyay, N. Kosiri, N. Kovitkanit, P. Jantasuwanna, S. Buapha, P. Kachondham, W. Huengwattanakul, T. Srikijkarn, M. Pulsawat, A. Thippayawarn, M. Bunnag, PTTEP; G. Shahid, S. Baines, Halliburton; C. Unsun Ngau, S. Obrien, S. Chattopadhyay, L. Fun, R. Wattanasuwankorn, Halliburton Energy Service INC
1120-1140 209884 Drilling Storage Development Plan (SDP) for Abandoning High Risk Development Wells and Drilling Fit-for-Purpose Co2 Injectors Offshore Carbon Capture Storage (CCS) Project M.S. Picha, Independent; A. Chuttani, PTTEP
1140-1200 209869 Drilling Deploying Dynamic Trend-based Monitoring System to Deliver Real-Time Drilling Decision B. Richard, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.; M. Saarani, S. Sulaiman, Eftech Drilling Solution Sdn. Bhd.; M. Meor Hashim, M. Arriffin, R. Ghazali, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
1200-1220 209847 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Integrating the Fully Coupled 3D Geomechanical Modeling for Hydraulic Fracturing Optimisation of Unconventional Resources L. Cheng, Engineering Technology Research Inst. of Xinjiang Oilfield Co., PetroChina; Y. Wang, Research Inst. Exploration & Development of Xinjiang Oilfield Co., PetroChina; H. Zhao, J. Li, Engineering Technology Research Inst. of Xinjiang Oilfield Co., PetroChina; X. Liu, Q. Liu, PetroChina Tarim Oilfield Co., CNPC; X. Huang, T. Singjaroen, P. Kieduppatum, Baker Hughes
11:00 - 12:30
TS09  Technical Session 9: Hardware on Well Construction New York II
Session Chairpersons Suwin Sompopsart - PTTEP, Nuttapon Piyakunkiat - PTTEP
Time Paper # Presentation
1100-1120 209865 Completions Challenges of a HPHT Completion Design with Extreme H2S and CO2 in a Carbonate Gas Development C. Grant, N. Piyakunkiat, P. Bandyopadhyay, K.W. Wejwittayaklung, S. Ong, J. Manson, P. Konganuntragul, K. Abdul Rashid, W. Toempromraj, C. Chanpen, M. Bin Hamdan, PTTEP; D.B. Lewis, Blade Energy Partners
1120-1140 209881 Completions The First Application of Permanent Tubing Patch Milling with Very Narrow Clearance (in a Slimhole Well) with a Newly Engineered Pilot Mill Bit Design for Coiled Tubing, Offshore Thailand M. Nimsuk, T. Tipapong, S. Somjai, T. Kreethapon, CARIGALI-PTTEPI Operating Co. Sdn. Bhd. (CPOC); N. Jiemsawat, T. Daohmareeyor, A. Kangsadarn, R. Wattanasuwank, Halliburton Energy Services INC.; P. Phayakrangsee, WellPro Group
1140-1200 209914 Production & Operations Cable Deployed ESP System Applied with Conventional ESP Assembly: A New Generation of Rigless ESP Technology M. Zhao, Q. Zhang, Chengdu Vertechs NOVA Technology Co., Ltd.; P. Wei, Best Win Energy Service Co., Ltd.; Y. Hong, Q. Li, L. Zhu, Chengdu Vertechs NOVA Technology Co., Ltd.
1200-1220 209844 Production & Operations Novel Candidate Screening and Successful Implementation of Stimulation in Screen Completed Wells to Double Production in Brown Fields: A Case Study from Offshore Malaysia S. Anand, N.M. Khair, K. Abu Bakar, B.B. Madon, K.K. Chun, M. M Adib, M. Rahim, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
13:15 - 13:45
eP05  Knowledge Sharing ePoster Session 5 Ballroom II and III
Time Paper # Presentation
1315-1345 209909 Production & Operations Multi-stage Length Optimisation with Integrated Hydraulic Fracture Propagation and Production Simulation Technology for Horizontal Wells in Unconventional Resource X. Yuankai, Engineering Technology Research Institute, PetroChina Xinjiang Oilfield Company; J. Zhou, PetroVulcan Energy Technology (Beijing) Co. Ltd.; C. Leiming, M. Junxiu, Engineering Technology Research Institute, PetroChina Xinjiang Oilfield Company; X. Huang, T. Singjaroen, Baker Hughes
1315-1345 209894 Drilling Innovative Automated Data Driven Daily Drilling Reporting Using Automated Data-Driven Models and a Digital Execution Platform H. Mohamad, F. Anak Michael Mulok, D. Franssens, N. Mat Noh, D.F. Patino, J. Mang Ing, Schlumberger
1315-1345 209930 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Unlock Regulatory Requirements for Drill Cuttings Waste Utilisation Pilot P.A. Wattana, J. Wondee, S. Chonchirdsin, PTTEP
1315-1345 209899 Evaluating Reservoir Pressure Gradient Trend for the Delaware Basin’s Potash Area Using Machine Learning and Geophysical Log Cross-Sections Approach O.T. Ajibola, J. Sheng, Texas Tech U.; E. Unal, C. Armistead, J. Rutley, Bureau of Land Management; J. Smitherman, New Mexico Oil & Gas Association
1315-1345 209885 Completions Research and Application of Integrated Technology of Chemical Sand Control and Stratified Water Injection in Offshore Oilfields Injection Well S. Zhao, Y. Zhou, J. Bai, T. Fang, B. Shang, CNOOC Ltd., Tianjin Branch
14:00 - 15:30
TS10  Technical Session 10: AI and Machine Learning New York III
Session Chairpersons Ali Kiaie - Schlumberger, Khairul Amir Khazali-Rosli - PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 209887 Drilling Automated Workflows and Drilling Advisory Systems: The Cinderellas of Drilling Automation P. Francis, Corva
1420-1440 209893 Drilling Leveraging Digital Transformation in the Well Construction Planning Process H.G. Suryadi, Schlumberger
1440-1500 209872 Drilling Drilling and Well Digitalisation, a Journey of Transformation V. Benjaboonyazit, N. Durongwattana, S. Buapha, K.W. Wejwittayaklung, P. Rangsriwong, PTTEP
1500-1520 209870 Drilling Development and Application of Digital Solutions for Automatic Hazard Identification During Well Planning Stage A. Ruzhnikov, R. Saraiya, Schlumberger
14:00 - 15:30
TS11  Technical Session 11: Well Completion New York II
Session Chairpersons Elvy Samuel - PTTEP Sarawak Oil Ltd., Prapaporn Jantasuwanna - PTTEP
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 209867 Completions Lesson Learnt from First Application of Single Trip Completion with RFID and Unexpected Well Unloading Challenges Against Proven DST Data in Offshore Peninsular Malaysia A. Masngot, S. Kumar, N. M Garib, M. Ahmad, J. Yang, T. Tunku Kamaruddin, M.Z. Mohd Azkah, A. Basri, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
1420-1440 209897 Completions Successfully Application of RPM in Sand Control Treatments for Offshore Field: Challenges, Results and Improvements A. Choodesh, W. Chantarataneewat, PTTEP; C.R. Ramirez, M. Rosdi, Halliburton
1440-1500 209877 Completions First Global Application Combining Digital Engineered Breakdown with Pulsing Technique for Highly Conductive Fractures with Proppant Agglomerates, Improving Subsurface Behavior and Maximising Reservoir Productivity M. Palanivel, M.K. Khalifa, C.N. Fuser, M. Seada, Halliburton; E. Farouk, A. Abdel Baky, A. Abdel Sattar, Y. Ali, A. Maher, Badr El Din Petroleum Co.
1500-1520 209871 Completions Maximising Production Recovery Through Autonomous Inflow Device (AICD) Configuration in Challenging Long Horizontal Open-Hole Oil Producer with High Gas-Oil-Ratio (GOR) and Un-Even Fluid Contacts N. Sapian, F. Tusimin, S. Chuah, A. Goh Jin Wang, N. Wahid Ali, N. Naupa, A. Abu Bakar, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.; E.A. Ghonim, Formerly with PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.; A.E. Awid, N. Md Nazim, N.B. Hasbullah, Weatherford
15:30 - 16:00
eP06  Knowledge Sharing ePoster Session 6 Ballroom II and III
Time Paper # Presentation
1530-1600 209868 Completions Successful Application of Fishable and Sectional ESS Completion Technology for Sand Control: A Case History in SHAD Field L. Zhang, H. Zhang, J. Hu, S. Zhang, W. Yang, C. Yang, X. Yu, Y. Hao, B. Wang, CNPC
1530-1600 209925 Completions Study on Fracture Propagation Simulation with the Integration of Fully-coupled Geomechanical and DFN Modelling W. Li, Chongqing Shale Gas Exploration and Development Co. Ltd.; Y. Xing, Gepetto Petroleum Technology Group Co., Ltd.; H. Zhang, Chongqing Shale Gas Exploration and Development Co. Ltd.; T. Luo, CCDC Geological Exploration & Development Research Inst.; W. Li, Gepetto Petroleum Technology Group Co., Ltd.; J. He, The Fourth Oil Production Plant of Qinghai Oilfield Co., PetroChina; X. Huang, T. Singjaroen, P. Kieduppatum, Baker Hughes
16:00 - 17:30
P04  Panel Session 4: Well Technologies for Energy Transition Ballroom I
Moderator(s) Suresh Kumar - Progrowth Energy Pvt. Ltd., Ali Kiaie - Schlumberger
Speaker(s) Ahmad Ahmad Yuniarto - PT Pertamina Geothermal Energy, Robert Rohlfing - Desert Mountain Energy Corps., Juhaidi Jaafar - PETRONAS, Mousa Namavar - Schlumberger, Guoliang Qiu - PT COSL INDO

Oil and gas production will persist, into the near future, but with the energy transition from a carbon-based economy to a minerals-based economy, it is certain that wells and well technologies to access subsurface formations will still be required. 

Both conventional geothermal and enhanced geothermal resources require cost effective but complex wells. The use of carbon capture, and underground storage (CCUS) requires not only wells but also completion and metallurgical advances. Underground storage wells for hydrogen, gas storage, compressed air energy systems encounter both geological and well challenges when a gas such as hydrogen is introduced. 

With the change of fluids and gasses being used, well technologies such as casing and completion metallurgy, cementing techniques to ensure well integrity. Underground storage and enhanced geothermal wells will require new understandings in reservoirs and subsurface formations. Petroleum engineering techniques can aid deeper mineral extraction, as near surface resources become hard to recover. Oil and gas drilling took over a century to evolve from salt mining methods, but the energy transition may require exploration and extraction of mineral rich fluids to succeed in a much shorter period. 

Operators have already encountered challenges in the development of carbon capture and underground storage projects, enhanced geothermal projects considered around the world but cost-effective development of deep geothermal resources remains a challenge. In this session we present some of these technology challenges that are being faced today in the energy transition. 

Session Chairs

Suresh Kumar
Chief Executive Officer
Progrowth Energy Pvt. Ltd.

Ali Kiaie
Global Commercial Lead, Digital Drilling



Ahmad Yuniarto
President Director
PT Pertamina Geothermal Energy

Robert Rohlfing
Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Desert Mountain Energy Corps

Mousa Namavar
Market Intelligence and Strategy Manager - Asia

Juhaidi Jaafar
Senior Manager
Resource Development and Management
Malaysia Petroleum Management

Qiu Guoliang
Vice President

16:00 - 17:30
TS12  Technical Session 12: Wellbore Stability New York III
Session Chairpersons Muhammad Aizat Abu Bakar - PETRONAS, Gehad Mahmoud Hegazy - The American U. in Cairo
Time Paper # Presentation
1600-1620 209856 Completions The Use of an Organic Crosslinked Polymer Sealant as a Barrier to Retrieve Stuck Coiled Tubing from a Live High Pressure Well After Over a Year: Case Study from Offshore Vietnam R.R. Wattanasuwank, D. Wei Lock, T. Daohmareeyor, Halliburton
1620-1640 209882 Production & Operations Making Wells Safer; Rectification of High Annulus Pressure via Diagnostic and New Technologies Through Annulus Intervention Method A. Osman, A. Azman, R.B. Sipangkui, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.; M. Shahril Nazirmuddin, EXPRO Group; I. Aripin, A. Utta, M. Sujavudin, S. Sy M Shahril, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
1640-1700 209852 Drilling Innovative Monobore Solid Expandable Tubular System for Isolating Severe Losses G. Zhan, A.S. Aljohar, J. Xu, B. Li, Saudi Aramco; H. Guo, CNPC Engineering Technology R&D Co. Ltd.
1700-1720 209932 Drilling Pilot Deployment and Field Validation of Wellbore Strengthening Design Criteria and Enhanced Fracture Gradient in a Depleted Reservoir C.P. Tan, PETRONAS Research Sdn. Bhd.; M. Abdul Razak, S.S. Zakaria, M.B. Abitalhah, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.; W. W Mohd Zainudin, PETRONAS Research Sdn. Bhd.