Knowledge Sharing Posters

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212123 - A Sustainability Project Towards Zero Continuous Flaring and Venting Hydrocarbon of Brownfield Oil and Gas Project
Mohd Faizal Ghazali, PETRONAS

212124 - Offshore Natural Gas Hydrate Prevention: A Promising Cavitation Method
Ming-bo Wang, China University of Petroleum (East China)

212125 - Corporate Qualification and Motivation Program for Petroleum Asset Management
Bulat Ganiev, Tatneft PJSC

212127 - Laboratory Investigation on Cryogenic Fracturing of Coal Rocks: An Experimental Study in Kazakhstan
Sotirios Longinos, Nazarbayev University

212128 - How to Extinguish the Flare at the Complex Gas Treatment Unit in Six Months? Case study.
Anton Ablaev, Verde Generation

212129 - Integration of Seismic Discontinuity Attributes and Well Data to Characterize Complex Fault and Fracture Network in Fractured Basement Reservoir
Zubair Zubair, Schlumberger

212130 - Role of Space Technologies in the Geohazards Subsidence Risk Assessment of Tengiz Oilfield
Emil Bayramov, Nazarbayev University

212131 - Refinement of the Characteristics of Tectonic Disturbances Based on Geological and Mathematical Studies (On the example of the Darwin Bank Field)
Vafa Suleimanova, SOCAR, “OilGasScientificRecearchProject” Institute

212132 - Implementation of New PDC Secondary Row Cutter Layout Method for the Purpose of Penetration Rate Increasing in Caspian Offshore
Andrey Rebrikov, Halliburton

212133 - The Study on Borehole Collapse Mechanism of Carboniferous, Ordovician and Cambrian Strata in Southwest Tarim
Sheng Yong, Tarim Oil Field Company

212134 - Improving the Operation Efficiency of Deviated Wells with High Oil Viscosity Values and Abnormally Low Reservoir Pressures
Анатолий Андреевич Исаев, ООО УК "Шешмаойл"

212135 - A Digital Analytics Solution for Analyzing a Population of Electric Submersible Pumps
Olga Sutyrina, Schlumberger

212136 - The Combination of Physical and Data-driven Proxy Models for Reservoir Pressure Estimation and Prediction During the Process of Oil and Gas Fields Development
Ivan Gennadevich Samorukov, LUKOIL Uzbekistan Operating Company LLC

212137 - Comprehensive Study of More than 600 Fracturing and Acidizing Jobs in Central Asia’s Carbonates Using Analytical and Machine Learning Methods
Sergey Parkhonyuk, Schlumberger

212138 - Experimental Investigation of Phase Behavior During Cyclic Injection-Production Process in Underground Gas Storage
Xinwei Liao, China University of Petroleum, Beijing

212139 - Defining the Fracturing of Carbonate Reservoirs After Multistage Hydraulic Fracturing
Анатолий Андреевич Исаев, ООО УК "Шешмаойл"

212140 - Enhanced Oil Recovery Techniques to Develop Mature Oilfields
Анатолий Андреевич Исаев, ООО УК "Шешмаойл"