Monday, October 24

07:00 - 08:00
08:00 - 08:30
08:30 - 10:30
SE01  Plenary I: Midland Basin Operators Hall A
Moderator(s) Luis Baez - ConocoPhillips, Billy Harris - Lodestone O&G Consulting, Taylor Reeves - ConocoPhillips
Speaker(s) Al Barkmann - Diamondback Energy, Nicole Champenoy - Chevron, Lance Robertson - Endeavor Energy Resources

This panel discussion will highlight lessons learned to-date of the ongoing development technologies in the Midland Basin, as well as the future potential for improvements in efficiencies, recoveries, and economics. The panel will also discuss concepts and potential for successfully dealing with challenges presented by rapidly changing market conditions and stakeholder expectations. 

10:30 - 11:00
11:00 - 12:30
01  Parent-Child Interaction Hall A
Session Chairpersons Huina Li - Surge Energy, Narayan Nair - Coterra Energy
Speaker(s) Clark Munger - Laredo Petroleum

The presentations in this session will be focused on quantifying the impact of the parent-child relationship and understanding the factors controlling the degradation in performance of child wells due to depletion from existing parent wells. The presentations will be followed by discussions around the successes and failures of different mitigation strategies attempted by different operators. 

Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1200 211894 A Case Study Quantifying the Influence of Parent Wells on Children Wells in the Northern Midland Basin G.F. Salts, R. Fernandes, H. Li, C. Alonzo, Surge Energy
1200-1230 211899 Results from a Collaborative Industry Study on Parent/Child Interactions: Midland and Delaware Basin M. McClure, ResFrac Corporation; J. Xu, R. Sinha, Marathon Oil; C. Ponners, ResFrac Corporation
12:30 - 14:00
12:30 - 14:00
SE02  Keynote Luncheon: TBD Hall A
Moderator(s) Tom Blasingame - Texas A&M University
14:00 - 15:30
02  Co-Development Hall A
Session Chairpersons Mark Murray - SageRider, Laura Wellman - EOG Resources
Speaker(s) Craig Cipolla - Hess

This session will dive into recent results and methodologies of co-development in the Permian; discussing lessons learned, including well spacing and completion strategies, as well as the technologies deployed to help evaluate the co-development areas. 

Time Paper # Presentation
1430-1500 211896 Optimize Development Strategies by Leveraging Log, Core, Microseismic, Geochemistry and Simulation Data D.L. Hardman, Diamondback Energy; R. Banas, PetroRes Consulting; D. Cannon, Diamondback Energy
15:30 - 17:00

Tuesday, October 25

07:30 - 08:30
08:30 - 10:00
03  Energy Transition/ESG Panel Hall A
Moderator(s) Dozie Ekweribe - Chevron, Ghazal Izadi - Geothermic Solution
Speaker(s) Faye Gerard - bpx energy, Vanessa Ryan - Chevron, Rachel Schelble - Wood Mackenzie, Caleb Tash - Diamondback Energy

This panel discussion will focus on the energy transition strategies oil and gas companies are adopting to deliver a lower carbon future and the organizational capabilities required to achieve that. With this transition also comes the need to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of ESG. Our panelists will discuss the importance of ESG in delivering the economic realities of tomorrow’s energy industry. 

10:00 - 10:30
10:30 - 12:00
04  Water Handling and Seismicity Hall A
Session Chairpersons David Jones - Chesapeake Energy, Brian Maxson - B3 Insight
Speaker(s) Peter Hennings - University of Texas at Austin

This session explores the relationship between seismicity and water handling in the oilfield, with particular regard to produced water disposal and its relationship to induced seismicity. Regulators and operators have recently established new guidelines for water disposal in the oilfield to mitigate increasing seismicity, and this has understandably had an impact on operators' water handling strategies. This will be a discussion of these guidelines, their impacts, and the changing landscape of water handling in the oilfield in an era of seismic mitigation.

Time Paper # Presentation
1100-1130 Permian Basin Seismicity Observations, Research, and Key Regulatory and Industry Actions C. Comiskey, Chevron
1130-1200 211900 The Next Generation of Water Management in Permian A. Beam, ConocoPhillips
12:00 - 13:30
13:30 - 15:00
05  Late-Life Well Rejuvenation Hall A
Session Chairpersons Pablo Prudencio - Wood Mackenzie, Francisco Tovar - Oxy
Speaker(s) Dave Cramer - ConocoPhillips

This session explores technology that extends the productive life of existing assets, adding reserves, and improving profitability, by solving or managing conditions that appear and worsen with well maturity. 

Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1430 211898 Structured Troubleshooting and Novel Reviving Techniques for Unconventional Gas Lift Wells in the Delaware Basin T. Basic, J. Visser, Chevron
1430-1500 212162 Intermittent Gas Lift (IGL) and Gas Assisted Plunger Lift (GAPL) Provide Significant Late-Life Benefits for the New Wave of Permian Basin Gas Lift Wells S.L. Scott, A. Davidson, J. Clack, ConocoPhillips
15:00 - 17:00
Technology Showcase

The Technology Showcase is a special social event at the conference that offers a unique branding and marketing opportunity through sponsorship to reach a focused group of key decision makers in the oil & gas community.

The Technology Showcase and Reception will start with networking time, followed by short presentations from each of the sponsoring companies, with more networking time to close out the event.

Wednesday, October 26

07:30 - 08:30
08:30 - 10:00
06  Reservoir Characterization, Surveillance, and Diagnostics Hall A
Session Chairpersons Anish Chaudhary - EOG Resources, Alex Martinez - DeGolyer & MacNaughton

This session highlights using surveillance and diagnostic tools to evaluate the drainage volume geometry and optimization for unconventional wells in the Midland Basin. 

Time Paper # Presentation
0900-0930 211895 Injection Conformance Analysis Using Tracers in S&T Unconventional Wells L. Jain, V. Lee, D. Emery, Chevron
0930-1000 211893 Analysis of Geometry Drivers in Co-Developed Assets in the Midland Basin H. Chittenden, Diamondback Energy
10:00 - 10:30
10:30 - 12:30
SE04  Plenary II: Delaware Basin Operators Hall A
Moderator(s) Johannes Alvarez - Chevron, Chris Hill - bpx energy, Kyle Scott - Pioneer Natural Resources
Speaker(s) Matt Hinson - Devon Energy, Aaron Hunter - ConocoPhillips, Heather LeReau - bpx energy, Thaimar Ramirez - Oxy

This plenary panel will feature key operational and technical drivers Delaware-Basin-focused E&Ps utilize in asset development optimization. Hear from four highly experienced and talented leaders in the industry as they openly discuss the current state of this resource-rich basin and what excites them about the future of this play.