Unconventional production success has been tied to technological advances in horizontal drilling, completions and hydraulic fracturing, including operational excellence. Yet, economics are still challenging in many reservoirs. This further motivates the industry to look towards even smarter, better, more effective ways to complete and hydraulic fracture horizontal wells. It is important to optimize reserve recovery while also improving efficiencies and well economics throughout the asset development.


What will be the well of the future in 10+ years, how will we plan and run the well completion and stimulate the reservoir? 

Reasons to attend SPE Forums

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Who Should Attend?

This Forum will appeal to Completion and Hydraulic Fracturing engineers/experts. Production and Reservoir Engineers/Technologists interested in the role that the completions tools/processes have on their disciple would also find this forum valuable. Also encouraged to attend are Service Company Specialists, Academia and R&D Specialists, as well as those involved in digital oilfield solutions for completions, geomechanics, and geochemistry.

Attendees Will

  • Discuss common interests informally with colleagues from around the world.
  • Share knowledge and experience in an off-the-record format.
  • Gain new insight and perspective through conversations with others from international companies, service companies, contracting companies, research institutes, and universities.
  • Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere of learning through one-on-one interaction.

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