Significant capitalization and incentivization of hydrogen projects present the oil and gas industry with an opportunity to explore the technical and financial merits of this emerging energy market. The oil and gas industry’s substantial infrastructure and technical acumen makes it well positioned to lead innovative solutions in this area of focus. As companies and research institutions actively seek ways to unlock value from hydrogen projects, non-technical considerations are also rising in terms of financial, regulatory, environmental, health and safety domains.

Reasons to attend SPE Forums


This forum serves as a platform to explore the role oilfield technology, infrastructure and expertise can play in emerging hydrogen markets. It presents an opportunity to discuss not only the technical merits and challenges of applications in hydrogen but also to explore the commercial, regulatory, environmental and safety aspects of the sector. The forum is designed to bring together a diverse and exhaustive audience from oil and gas producers, facility operators, service companies and academic institutions in addition to project management and development experts.


ℹ️ A written summary will be prepared and distributed to participants after the forum at the discretion of the steering committee and SPE approval.