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For the first time in India, SPE hosted a Summit, where leaders and subject matter experts from industry, government, and academia gathered for a two-day deliberation from 14–15 July at the Shell Technology Centre in Bangalore, India.

The timing could not be more appropriate than now - when countries across the globe are figuring out how to translate their strategies for achieving Net Zero emissions into actionable country-level plans. 

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"First off, I must thank SPE for holding their first ever Summit in India at the Shell Technology Centre, Bangalore.

We often miss the wood for the trees. We are so involved in driving “a” line of activity in this journey towards Net Zero that the full picture of how these activities link with each other is oftentimes blurred. The Summit will engender a discussion on the various pathways to Net Zero, all in a matter of two days, so that the full canvas of the Net Zero landscape is seen by all at once. This will then help frame a holistic approach towards attaining our common Net Zero future—by learning about the best practices that India could adopt from other countries, and, indeed, how the rest of the world could profit from various aspects of Net Zero in which India can strongly contribute.

I am looking forward to meeting the leaders from the Government, the scientific community and various companies at the Summit—I cannot wait to interact and learn from them."

Baroruchi Mishra
Summit Chairperson
Project Director – India Growth and Transition Projects


Confirmed Speakers:


Neil Kavanagh - SPE Regional Director, Asia Pacific Region, Woodside Energy


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Green energy advocates

Government officials

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