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Our objective as an SPE-empowered brand is to exhibit sustainability leadership in a manner that reaffirms the strategic framework’s plan to be moving needles and not just tick boxes in 2022 and beyond.

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Building on that aim, the event’s two-day program was a cross between focused, highly interactive sessions with presentations that featured breakout room opportunities, and keynote speeches  delivered by guests from the executive committee.

Some of the sessions entailed a panel discussion format rather than a presentation on a specific topic that was selected.

The event’s timing also allowed for an ability to have it be produced in the wake of COP 26, which took place in Glasgow in November 2021.



The program’s architecture harnessed the strengths of SPE; leaning on the clear value proposition our society offers to provide highly leveraged ways of progressing understanding of sustainable practices of our members in industry and private roles.

SPE was also very proud to support Oman Sustainability Week by producing the Gaia Summit. 



Mohamed Al Balushi
Summit Program Co-Chair
SPE Gaia Regional Liaison – MENA
Reservoir Engineer, BP Oman

"Our summit will address the industry’s most complex priorities and help it tackle its key sustainability performance challenges. It is set to be a cross between a workshop format that is agile and hands-on, and a future-oriented forum that allows panel discussions by executives and highly knowledgeable speakers brought in to share best practices from within their field of expertise. As we gear up towards COP 27 this year and COP 28 in 2023, both set to be hosted in the Middle East, having this type of event has never been more important than it is now. We will aim to create a true sense of community and collective effort, and I for one look forward to welcoming you all to the Sultanate of Oman very soon."


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Chokri Ben Amor
Summit Executive Chairperson

Johana Dunlop
Summit Design and Content Advisor


Oumer Tahir
Technical Sales (OCTG) Manager
Hunting Energy Services
Summit Committee Member
Northern Emirates SPE Section Chair

"It's not about us and today. It is about the next generation and for the future. We are already late in addressing the key climate challenges and quick fixes are not a solution. We need sustainable ones and need them now. This is a one of its kind summit taking place in Muscat and MENA. We should all do our best to attend, learn new technologies, engage with peers and brainstorm innovative ideas to make this world a cleaner/greener, and safe place for ourselves and future generations. I look forward to seeing you all in Oman at SPE Gaia Summit."