Welcome Letter from the Summit Executive Chair

On behalf of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) and the Summit Committee, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the 2022 SPE Gaia Summit, our proud participation within the first Oman Sustainability Week.

The first SPE Gaia Summit in 2019 was a proof-of-concept event where 55 individuals representing 8 stakeholder groups over two days co-created what has become the SPE Gaia program—an ambitious knowledge building and sharing programming framework empowering and enabling the engineers and scientists of the oil and gas industry to act on humanity’s sustainability challenges with scale and urgency.

Enabled by the strengths of the SPE, the Gaia program is brought to life by passionate members around the world who are committed to the oil and gas continuing to play its beneficial role in society whilst embracing new domains of knowledge and practices needed to create a new energy future.

Together with a committee of dedicated volunteers, we have built a program where you can come together to discuss and debate Gaia, mother earth. In this safe space, experts, practitioners and operations decision-makers, we will discuss energy transition, the circular economy, stakeholder engagement, measuring what matters and natural capital as well as co-creating our own vision for the industry’s role and purpose in society here in the Middle East on the road to COP 28 and in the world.

We have designed a highly engaging and unique Gaia approach where you, the participants, can be as active as the speakers and moderators. I look forward to hearing all the creative and ambitious ideas and to us all learning together in confidence.

It is the SPE Gaia committee's pleasure and honor to be hosted in Oman and the GCC. We strongly believe that the oil and gas industry with the GCC can be the vehicle of change.

We look forward to your valued participation and hope you enjoy your stay in beautiful Oman.



Chokri BenAmor
Summit Executive Chair
VP Production and Corporate QHSE