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The exploration and development of challenging reservoirs is now a common practice for oil and gas operating companies worldwide, unlocking reserves previously beyond reach. The economic drivers to maximise the potential of unconventional plays have spurred significant progress in extended reach drilling and completion techniques. This has led to substantial advancements in well intervention technologies that support the safe development of these challenging reservoirs, including high sour environments historically outside the limits.


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Applying these cutting-edge methods to redevelop mature fields has also proven to be a cost-effective strategy to enhance oil recovery to levels previously unattainable. Meeting the long-term life cycle requirements of these challenging wells relies heavily on innovation and research and development in the well intervention arena. This workshop will cover a multitude of advanced technology developments including relevant case histories in the field of extreme well intervention.

The event will aim to provide an open forum for attendees to share the latest advancements in technology and discuss relevant case studies that will help expand the barrier of extended reach intervention to meet current and future needs.





"The SPE/ICoTA workshops represent one of the best options to be up to speed with the latest technology innovations, case studies and market trends in the Well Intervention industry. These events allow a unique blend of knowledge sharing, networking and socialization with recognized leaders in a friendly environment. I highly encourage attendance for anyone seeking further career development, from young engineers to senior specialists."

Giuseppe Ambrosi
Technical Manager MENA-AP, Production Solutions

"The SPE/ICoTA Coiled Tubing Workshop is one of the most important forums in MENA region, where operators, service companies, and manufacturers showcase their latest advancements for well intervention. The event also offers opportunities for networking and dedicated group discussions on technology developments that have enabled addressing challenges in complex wells that may not be effectively intervened through conventional methods.”

Nestor Molero
Well Intervention Regional Domain


Jon Walters
Vice President of Data & Analytics



Session 4: Advancement in Downhole Tools ►

Artem Shvedikov
Technical Sales Manager, Middle East
Altus Intervention

"Precise, Controlled and Efficient Completion Component Milling delivered by an Eline Intervention Platform. Remedial work to remove or alter completion components is needed when they have malfunctioned or are no longer required and have become a hinderance to well access for intervention or its productivity. Recent technology developments have made significant impact on Eline deployed milling capability, as well as the operational control and task certainty available. Two component milling operations executed using combined tractor and mechanical application technologies will be presented, both executed with surgical precision and hi-fidelity control, transforming the efficiency and effectiveness of milling operations."

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Session 5: Enablers for Extreme Intervention ►

Mathew Varghese

"Advances in drilling technology are pushing the boundaries of drilling with more horizontal wells drilled with complicated trajectories to expand the contact area of the reservoir. Remediation work becomes increasingly challenging in these ultra-deep wells stretching the limits of conveyance technologies. This talk discusses a breakthrough wireline logging cable technology that improved wireline access in these wells. It showcases a case study in UAE where this new technology enabled the deployment of production logging tools to a depth of 27800 ft in a well where earlier attempts with two types of conventional logging cables had failed. ”

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24 May 2022
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24 May 2022
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