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The focus of this workshop is to share knowledge of recent technology advances in acid stimulation of carbonate reservoirs among industry experts, researchers and completion engineers.  Acid stimulation; both matrix acidizing and acid fracturing are common methods applied worldwide to enhance well productivity and establish economic well and field success.  



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Many questions and factors are considered today in the selection of acidizing fluids, additives and treatment designs in both matrix and fracturing of well candidates. 

The understanding on the fundamentals in worm hole propagation and efficiency has been gained through extensive large-block experiments and interpretation of field-scale treatment responses.

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Meanwhile, improved modelling of both matrix and fracturing treatments by the integration of field performances and updated research data have been achieved.

Laboratory experiments of acid fracturing conductivity have also guided improved modelling.

There is a rich theoretical modelling literature that needs to be reviewed and exchanged among the industry experts from the different regions of the world.




Mohamed Al Marzouqi
Senior Vice President, Development Function


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