The Upstream Oil and Gas Digital transformation promises a world of opportunities and aspires to bring significant business impact to both operators and service companies.

The challenge of delivering this promised value is evergreen and established roadmaps are not yet defined.


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This workshop presents a robust agenda including a series of panels highlighting the future of analytics and the traits and role of the engineer in the petroleum industry digital transformation, role of advanced analytics and cultural changes required, and demonstrating cross-discipline applications of Petroleum Data-Driven Analytics supporting core upstream petroleum engineering domains involving Drilling & Completion, Production and Reservoir.


The workshop is intended to bring new perspective to the “how” of advancing the realistic use of Petroleum Data Analytics in our industry by focusing on topics such as Culture change (upgrading Domain Knowledge with AI&ML), differences between AI&ML and Statistics, contrasts between Engineering and Non-engineering applications of AI&ML, avoiding biases and assumptions during the modeling process, examples of “failed” analytics-based solutions, together with practical case studies in reservoir engineering, completion & drilling, surface & facilities.


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