This workshop will address the emerging and new frontiers of data driven and AI technologies within the industry, several success stories and added value will be discussed along organisation requirements to progress efficiently based on lessons learned from industry leaders. 

This workshop is unique to integrate subsurface professionals with data scientists domain experts to better integrate the ultimate solution and unleash full potential for subsurface applications.

Host Organisation



In the current era of advanced digitalisation and big data analytics within the oil and gas industry, that is progressing significantly within the various dimensions across the value chain, unlocking massive opportunities. 


The subsurface applications of data-driven related technologies remains a focus area, as a cornerstone of the value maximisation to unlock HC resources with most effective economical indicators. 


These subsurface emerging technologies are being developed and progressed to identify opportunities over and beyond conventional techniques to maximise value and reduce time and resources that includes subsurface reservoir model forecast, reservoir characterisations, infill wells drilling locations, well performance production maximisation, reservoir surveillance and management, etc.