Following the announcement of a federal holiday on 19 September 2022, to mark the passing of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, SPE Canada has decided to reschedule this event until 26 September 2022.


Geothermal energy has been identified as a potential opportunity for extending the energy capacity locally and globally. Energy will be harvested by accessing deep formations and drawing hot fluids that can be used for electricity generation or direct heating. This is very similar to accessing hot formations to recover hydrocarbons.



A collaboration between the geothermal enthusiasts and thought leaders and long-term visionaries from the oil and gas industry is the natural next step. Collaborations can vary from using geothermal fluids for oil production, to combining both for CO2 sequestration to combined processes for electricity generation. And all that can be achieved with very favourable carbon tax conditions and substantial tax credits. However, the framework for such a collaboration is expected to be set by the government(s). Assuming that such a framework is in place then both industry sides can generate the business cases and proceed with implementation.

In this SPE driven half-day workshop much of the above will be addressed in a series of concise presentations starting with the government proposed framework and selected oil and geothermal industry representatives who will present cases of how this collaboration can materialize. This half day workshop will be followed by a more comprehensive two day workshop in May 2023 based on topics and gaps identified in this workshop.

The agenda includes research-based, field-tested industry topics so attendees receive current and relevant technical knowledge.

SPE workshops are highly focused on a given technical topic and provide attendees with an in-depth review in a short amount of time.

Discover a collaborative learning experience, whilst connecting with peers facing similar business and technology challenges.


Workshop Topics

What is required to make a project work – big picture overview and economics

Life Cycle Assessment

Geothermal (Rocks and Reservoirs)

Reservoir Characterization, Modeling - Recovery Methods, geochemistry

Geothermal Extraction Technologies – Deep (5KM+), Enhanced, AGS

Drilling and well construction, Monitoring and Surveillance and Wellbore Integrity

Knowledge transfer – what thermal technologies/learnings can be transferred to geothermal and how can the geothermal industry help oil and gas operations.


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