There are significant opportunities to grow the emerging carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) industry as part of the energy transition in Canada. Existing Canadian projects have linked hydrocarbon development with carbon sequestration, as well as power generation with enhanced oil recovery (EOR). Canada’s CCUS scope can be further expanded to integrate with other emission generating sectors.

Carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) will play a critical role in reducing CO2 emissions for a variety of industries. As we transform energy towards lower carbon fuels, the adoption of CCUS allows us to deliver reliable, secure energy that remains affordable and sustainable. Although we have seen growth in CCUS applications globally, decarbonization must accelerate significantly if industry is to achieve the stated Canadian government GHG reduction target of 40% by 2030. Advances in carbon capture technology, storage reservoir characterization, and commerciality are all vital to a net-zero carbon future. But what is actionable today, and how do we de-risk our projects to ensure we meet our goals?

Join fellow SPE members, CCUS-focused entrepreneurs, finance providers, and policy makers while we discuss advancements in CCUS and gain knowledge to accelerate project execution. The format will include speakers and panel discussions on CCUS technology, geologic considerations, policy, economics, and financing. We will drive connections and network: let’s hear what potential funders want to see, deliberate new concepts and showcase creative content from projects that are underway.

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