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By leveraging digital technologies and the pillars of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR4.0), new opportunities for performance improvement are identified, and innovative solutions are developed, deployed and adopted. This helps tackle the complex and challenging nature of drilling and workover operations, particularly, automation, which is a crucial IR4.0 pillar.

These topics will be discussed thoroughly in this workshop, emphasising the current achievements and results of the technologies already in place. Subject matter experts from operators, rig contractors, and service companies will participate in presenting the adoption of automation within their organisations and how it can be incorporated into the global vision of implementing and adapting digital and IR4.0 technologies.




Sultan S. Sumat
Workshop Chairperson
Digital Drilling Group Leader
Saudi Aramco



“As the industry evolves to adapt digital solutions, this event is unique as it will be a venue to showcase deployed drilling innovative digital solutions and how it can be incorporated into the global vision of implementing and adapting digital and IR4.0 solutions. We encourage you to register and join energy and drilling professionals, data scientists and automation experts to come together for this prestigious knowledge-sharing event.”



The workshop aims to show:

🔷 Digital collaboration enablers and automation limitations and challenges

🔷 The need to align objectives during the whole cycle of planning, execution and learning, including supply chain and contractual constraints

Our goal is to enable maximum adoption of digital technologies to increase hydrocarbon exploration and production, enhance operational safety, reduce environmental impact by addressing climate change challenges, and reduce development costs through sharing experiences. In addition, we aim to encourage all related entities to continue playing an active role in digital transformation.


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